Best Cotton Yarn For Crochet

Almost all of the big brand yarn companies are now carrying at least one or two cotton yarn options. It can be overwhelming to figure out where to look first! I thought I would help you out by compiling a list of some of the more well known brand options.

In the process of preparing this list, I have found that many of the companies have similar options. For example, most stores have an option for a sturdy, low cost cotton yarn, a more middle of the road option, and some more high end options. So, I have split the list up into categories to help you narrow down what you are interested in.

If you’re unfamiliar with some of the categories and terms below, you might find this article on the Different Kinds of Cotton Yarn helpful to read through first.

And now on to the list of cotton yarn options out there. (Please note that some of the links included below are affiliate links, which means I could receive compensation, at no additional cost to you, if you make a purchase using them).

Sturdy, Low Cost Cotton

These cottons are generally low cost, with no extra bells and whistles. They tend to be a little rougher on the skin; not super smooth or with soft drape. This may sound negative, but it actually means they are perfectly suited for household items that you want to hold their shape with a little stiffness and get lots of wear and tear and washings. Think dish cloths, scrubbies, baskets and containers, etc. It’s also a good place to start if you don’t want to break the bank!

Lily Sugar & Cream
Size 4 yarn. 100% USA grown cotton. Lots of different color options! You can find it on Amazon, as well as almost all big box stores.

Lily Sugar & Cream Scrub Off
Size 4 yarn. The same as Lily Sugar & Cream, but with additional alternating scouring sections.

Peaches & Creme
Size 4 yarn. Feels exactly like Lily Sugar & Cream, but is sold widely at Walmart.

Hobby Lobby Crafter’s Secret
Size 4 yarn. Also very similar to Lily Sugar & Cream, but sold at Hobby Lobby.

Yarnspirations Bernat Handicrafter
Size 4 yarn. Nice options available in larger skeins. Lots of color options.

Red Heart Scrubby Smoothie
Size 4 yarn. This yarn is made to match red heart scrubby yarn.

Lion Brand Re-Up Yarn
Size 4 yarn. 100% recycled cotton yarn. A little more rough feeling. Smaller skeins.

One Step Up Yarns

These cotton yarns don’t have any special labels (mercerized, organic, etc.), but they are different than the sturdy, low cost category in that they are softer and have more drape. Still good for a household or kitchen item, but also a little more comfortable for wearables.

Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton
Size 4 yarn. Lots of options in solids, multi-colored, self-striping, etc.

Yarn Bee Sugarwheel Cotton
Size 3 yarn. Lots of color options in solids and stripes.

Yarn Bee Cotton DK
Size 3 yarn. Single ply wrapped with fine thread or “Bubble” construction.

Knit Picks Dishie, Multi and Twist
Size 4 yarn. Lots of color options.

Premier Hipster Cotton
Size 3 yarn. Fun colors meant to look similar to tie-dye.

Premier Cotton Sprout
Size 3 yarn. Spring and summer color tones.

Premier Cotton Batik
Size 4 yarn. Self-striping yarn.

Mercerized Cotton

Mercerized cotton will be stronger and more durable, with deeper colors, than un-mercerized. But it will be a little less absorbent. For a more in depth description, see my article on Different Kinds of Cotton Yarn.

Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton
Size 4 yarn. 100% mercerized. They have a wonderful selection of solid colors and since the yarn has been mercerized, the colors are rich and deep. The cabled structure of the strands makes the yarn feel nice and tight. It’s not fluffy and airy. This makes it feel extra sturdy and ensures it will not split.

Yarn Been Fundamental Cotton
Size 4 yarn. 100% mercerized. Very similar to Lion Brand 24/7. Also has the cabled structure that makes it feel tight and sturdy.

Premier Afternoon Cotton
Size 3 yarn. 100% Egyptian Giza Mercerized Cotton.

Pima Cotton

Pima Cotton yarn is going to feel softer, sleeker and more luxurious. It is considered higher quality. It is a nice option for something that will lay on your skin.

Lion Brand Pima Cotton
Size 4 yarn. 100% Pima cotton. Solids and variegated colors available.

Yarn Bee Pima Suprema
Size 4 yarn. 100% Pima Cotton.

Knit Picks Memento Cotton
Size 4 yarn. 100% Pima Cotton.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton just means that the cotton used to make the yarn was grown organically. This is a great eco-conscious option.

Lion Brand Oh Baby Organic
Size 2 yarn. 100% organic cotton.

Knit Picks Simply Cotton Organic
Several sizes available. 100% organic, un-dyed option.

Chunky Cotton Yarns

There are not a lot of cotton yarns out there that are thicker than a size 4. But if you really want to work with something a little bigger with cotton, I found a few options for you!

Premier Chunky Cotton
Size 6 yarn. Single ply wrapped with fine thread or “Bubble” construction.

Yarn Bee Cotton XXL
Size 5 yarn. Single ply wrapped with fine thread or “Bubble” construction.

Yarn Bee Feelin’ Chunky
Size 5 yarn. Braided construction.

Cotton Blends

Sometimes you don’t want to go 100% cotton, but would like to have the best of both worlds and go with a blend. Here are a few popular cotton blends out there.

Lion Brand Coboo
Size 3 yarn. 50% cotton, 50% rayon from bamboo.

Lion Brand Comfy Cotton Blend
Size 3 yarn. 50% cotton, 50% polyester. Soft. Lots of variegated color options.

Yarnspirations Bernat Softee Cotton
Size 3 yarn. 60% cotton, 40% acrylic.

Caron Cotton Cakes
Size 4 yarn. 60% cotton, 40% acrylic.


  1. I was navigating your website and encountered this write-up. Again, a VERY VALUABLE read for me! I appreciate your articles! I know not many crocheters read and just want to look at projects and patterns, but thank you for writing for those of us who do! 🙂

    1. Yes, I’m just now learning to crochet at 78 and I had a resident that made him wash dish rags and gave them to me for Christmas one year out of peaches and cream cotton and I love the feel of it and according to this article there are some that I could substitute but I just want you to know that I appreciate Your knowledgeable information even though I’m not sure that I understand I love it but I’m gonna go back and reread it and I’m going to go buy me some yarn. I get confused as to why you use a little needle and a bigger needle but anyway, thank you again I appreciate you having this out there for us beginners and also those who already know all about yarn , have a blessed week

  2. This article was sooo helpful! I learned a lot about the differences in cotton yard. Thank you so much!

  3. Thank you so much for all this valuable! It answers so many questions. I will save it to refer to in the future!!

  4. I wish you spoke of hobbii. I enjoy yarn that I buy online and knitpics, hobbii, and ice are some of my top favorites. They all have mercerized cotton as well. Patons Grace was my all time favorite for mercerized cotton but they discontinued the yarn. Also, knitpics memento has been discontinued to. I bought a whole bunch when they still had it and did the same with Patons grace. I hate when you find something you really like and they discontinued it. Ah well, time to look for new favorites. So many to choose from. Thank you for putting together all about cotton! That is an article that will be shared for ages! Well written and helps everyone understand cotton!

    Thank you for all your help,

    Angela Smith
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  5. Great article – Thank you! I didn’t know there were So many cotton yarns out there!
    Now to figure out the best way to save this (because I won’t remember a lot of it🫤)

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