The Ultimate Guide to Crocheting With Cotton Yarn

Cotton yarn is incredibly versatile and has so many wonderful uses! If you’ve ever wondered what kinds of cotton yarn options are available, or what the best projects to make with cotton yarn are, or even how to wash your cotton yarn projects, you’ve come to the right place!

Scroll down to learn all about crocheting with cotton yarn!

    What is cotton yarn?

    Cotton yarn is yarn that is made from the fluffy white fiber of the cotton plant. The fibers are combed and spun into yarn, similar to the way that wool would be combed and spun.

    What makes cotton yarn unique?

    Cotton Yarn Is Known For Being:

    • Absorbant
    • Heat Resistant
    • Durable
    • Washes well
    • Cooling
    • Breathable

    FAQs about cotton yarn

    With all the amazing qualities listed above, there are quite a few projects that are perfect for crocheting with cotton yarn! Check out this article for a helpful list!

    You might be surprised that once you start looking for cotton yarn, there are quite a few different kinds to choose from. And sometimes they are labeled with words you might not know. Like, what is mercerized cotton? What is pima cotton? This article will help define the different kinds you might run into.

    There are actually quite a few cotton yarn options out there. Each brand tends to carry their own version of low, medium and high quality cotton. This article will give you a run down of which brands carry the particular type you might be looking for.

    Once you put all that time into a handmade item, you don’t want to mess it up by washing it incorrectly! Find out how you should wash your cotton yarn here.

    start crocheting

    Where can I find Cotton Crochet Patterns?

      I hope you found this Ultimate Guide to Crocheting With Cotton helpful! If you have more questions that I did not address here, please drop them below in the comments! I am always looking to expand this post to be even more valuable!


        1. Hi Carol, it depends on a lot of factors, including what kind of hat and what kind of blend. Cotton tends to be very breathable, so it is especially good for a summer hat. If you’re looking to make a cozy winter hat, I would lean more in the direction of soft and cozy acrylics. But if you’re really wanting to use cotton, pick a blend that adds some softness and warmth.

      1. I am trying to find some crochet cotton that is no longer available. Colour Linen shade36051 dyelot0582 and Colour Apricot. These cottons are Sullivan brand. Thank you in anticipation that someone may have what I need.

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