25 Adorable Crochet Applique Patterns

collage of crochet applique patterns including fruit, animals and flowers.

Crochet applique patterns are quick and easy to work up (instant gratification, thank you) and there are endless possibilities for items to make. You could literally make an applique of anything! And believe me, there are lots of available patterns out there!

What can I use my appliques for?

Some great uses for appliques are:

  1. Add to a hat or headband
  2. Add to a bag or purse
  3. Use as a gift embellishment
  4. Use as a key chain decoration
  5. Add to a frame to make wall art
  6. Just use them as is for cute kid toys
  7. Make them into magnets

As you can see… so many fun ways to use them! I’ve done my best to put together a list of some particularly cute ones for you today!

Want more appliques?

15 Summer Appliques

You can never get enough appliques! Check out this great collection of summer applique patterns as well!

You can also check out and follow my Crochet Applique Pinterest Board:

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  1. I want to crochet musical notes, along with with classic 50’s style microphone & wurlitzer jukebox, with records..vinyls…and 57 chevy hot rod cars..all appliques with regular yarn free patterns please help..lol

  2. i was for baby blanket caterpillar applique . thanks for ideas.

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