Craft Show Display Ideas

Each year I try to do a few craft shows. They are a lot of work and effort, so I don’t usually get the chance to fit in more than a few, but I really enjoy them. It is fun to see people interact with my products, socialize in a festive atmosphere and sell a good chunk of product all at once. I also value the chance to practice learning new skills as I make the products to sell, rather than just using the skills I already have to design.

One of my favorite parts of a craft fair is coming up with craft show display ideas. This is not something you get to do when you are selling only online and it is a fun challenge in creativity for me. I am always looking for new craft show display ideas on Pinterest or picking up new odds and ends that I think might add to the appeal of my booth.

During craft show season I see a lot of people online asking for craft show display ideas and advice. Since I really enjoy this aspect of the craft show experience, I thought I’d talk about some of the craft show display ideas I’ve put to use in my booth, to hopefully inspire you as you set up your own booth!

Hat & Scarf Displays


craft show display ideas scarves

One of the most important parts of setting up a booth is creating different levels for the eye roam, as opposed to just laying everything out flat on a table. One way to do this, for hats and scarves in particular, is to create a hat and scarf display stand. Mannequin heads or busts that can be purchased ready made are  a good choice. But if you’re a do-it-yourselfer or want to save some money, there are some DIY options.  Since “vintage” and “country” looks are in, a fun way to get a 3-D display is to just create your own from what you can find at home or in an antique store. My husband created this display above by nailing a dowel from a chair back to an old table leg and then attaching them to a square base. He actually made 3 in varying heights. This shows off my products right at eye level, and draws customers in from further away.

Tiered Stands


craft show display tier shelf

Tiered stands are a fantastic space saver and are pretty to boot. They have the festive feel of a cake stand or a cupcake tower. They can be fancy, rustic, or country, depending on what style you pick. They are perfect for displaying smaller items together and maximizing your table space! A fun and easy way to make your own is to buy a few different sized plates from the dollar store, some candle holders and just glue them together! That is what I did to create the stand above! Word to the wise: do not use a hot glue gun.  That is what I tried at first and it did not hold well. I ended up needing to use a much stronger craft glue made for glass in order to really hold it together long term.

Display Racks

craft show display backdrop

Display racks are great for getting a large amount of items up off the table and at eye level. For the rack above I just took some old crib railings and had my husband cut them in half. He then hinged them together in the middle to create a sturdy folding display. I spray painted them white and attached items with clothes pins. I have got a lot of use out of them!


craft show display mirror

I love to have a mirror available for customers at my booth. This gives them the chance to interact with the product and see how great it looks on. It can also be a wonderful way to add some charm or interest to your booth. I always have this vintage mirror that I took off the back of an old dresser at my booth. I have even had several people ask me if they could actually buy the mirror itself!

Picture Frames

craft show display picture frames

Picture frames are another way to get information up and off the table for easier viewing. I use a picture frame to display my logo, credit card options and seller’s permit. I also display some of my pricing in picture frames. People do not like to have to go looking for prices, so picture frames can be a good solution for clear display.

Baskets: Hanging and Upright

craft show display baskets

Depending on what kind of booth you are selling at, you can use hanging or upright baskets to utilize space. If you’re at an outdoor event with a canopy, you can hang some baskets from your tent poles. I purchased this wire hanging basket above from an antique shop and spray painted it white. It’s great for storing bulk kitchen items like scrubbies and wash cloths. However, if you’re indoors with just a table to work with, a regular basket sitting at the table can be a great way to group similar items.


craft show display decoration

Besides practical solutions for getting your items the best view, it is also fun to add some pretty embellishments to your booth. When I am using a canopy for an outdoor event I sometimes add these fun tissue poufs that can hang from the tent poles. These are easy and inexpensive to make, but look impressive. Here is an easy tutorial for making one from MarthaStewart.com.

Buntings are another fun and easy way to add some color and decoration to your area. I sewed up this bunting below for my booth. If you are a sewer, do not look too closely! I can crochet, but I cannot sew! Haha! I called it “good enough” and am happy with the pop of color and charm it adds to my table!

craft show display bunting


craft show display tablecloth

No matter what else you have at your booth, you should definitely have a nice table cloth. Make sure it’s not wrinkled and that it can reach the floor to cover your table legs and create some hidden space to hide your bins and odds and ends. I was inspired by a photo on Pinterest to create the above tablecloth using a blue tablecloth I found at a thrift store and some old lacy fabric sewn in strips to create a “petticoat” feel. It is a nice touch of fancy without adding too much.

Rotating or Standing Displays

craft show display rack

Rotating or standing display racks are great for easy viewing and maximizing space. These can vary in size from table top like the one above, to standing pieces. They can be purchased from retailers who make these items for sellers, though I lucked out and found this one at a thrift shop! I have also seen some homemade variations made with framed fencing or chicken wire. Great for pinning up items that you don’t want to get buried on your table!

Pinterest Board for Craft Show Display Ideas!

If you want some more inspiration and ideas like these, go follow my Pinterest Board “Being Awesome At Craft Fairs”, where I have collected many ideas like these and more!

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If you want to see these ideas in video format, here you go:

Happy Crafting!

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