12 Crochet Patterns that use the Bean Stitch

After completing my latest project, the Spill The Beans Baby Blanket, I am loving the crochet bean stitch! Not only is it easy to complete once you get in the groove, it also creates a unique texture and really emphasizes the squish of a soft yarn.

Is it a Puff Stitch?

The bean stitch is often confused with the puff stitch. The two stitches are actually almost exactly the same, with the only difference being that there is a yarn over at the beginning of a puff stitch, but not in the bean stitch. Other than that, the stitch is the same.

Variations of the Bean Stitch

Another variation of the crochet bean stitch is the mini bean stitch, or baby bean stitch. I tried to stick with strictly only “bean stitch” patterns in this round up, but if you search for bean stitch patterns online, you will also find many patterns that use this variation.

The mini bean stitch just has one less yarn over and pull through than the traditional bean stitch. It is just a little more petite.

Yarn Color with the Bean Stitch.

As you can see from the photos, the bean stitch can look beautiful in almost any yarn color, whether solid, striping, multi-colored, etc. However, it can be especially eye catching in an ombre or a variegated yarn that boasts a lot of color. The technique of staggering a colored bean stitch row with a complementary color row in another stitch is very trendy right now, perhaps made especially popular by the Macy Beanie that went viral in recent years.

Creating Different Lines with the Bean Stitch

The bean stitch is fun to play with because you can create a different effect depending on which direction you work the stitch. The bean stitch tends to lean in the direction you work, so if you work in the round, you get a diagonal line. If you work back and forth, it creates a beautiful herringbone effect. Staggering the bean stitch with another stitch, like a chain 1, can help the stitch stand up and have more of a vertical line.

However you find you like to use the bean stitch, I think you’ll have a lot of fun with it!

Here are 12 Crochet Patterns to check out that use the bean stitch:

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