20 Crochet Christmas Ornament Patterns

I love a pattern that can serve multiple purposes, and these crochet Christmas ornament patterns fit the bill perfectly! These ornaments are so cute and festive, and you can use them in so many unique ways!

Collage of crochet Christmas ornament patterns.

Just a few things you can use each of these crochet Christmas ornament patterns for:

  1. Ornaments, of course!
  2. Present toppers to decorate a wrapped gift and make it extra special!
  3. Garlands! Make multiples and string them together.
  4. Stocking stuffers!

Have fun being creative and resourceful!

Ornaments are Quick & Easy

The second best part of each of these patterns is that their small size makes them quick and easy to work up! You can make multiples for more than one gift and it won’t take that much time. Need a last minute little something extra? No problem!

Ornaments Make Great Craft Fair Items

They are also great items to add as cute little extras to a craft fair or holiday market booth. Other people would also love to use these little cuties for present toppers and stocking stuffers! A unique handmade gift is a sought after item during the holidays. It adds something extra special!

These would look super cute hanging on a tiny tree in your booth, or strung up on a string like a garland!

Ornaments are Inexpensive Scrap Buster Patterns

And if that isn’t enough reasons to love these little projects, they are inexpensive too! They barely take up any yarn for each pattern! They’re so tiny you probably have all the yarn you need in your stash already, which means zero cost! That’s a great deal!

So, have fun dreaming up what to use all these cute patterns for! If you have any other ideas for creative ways to use these ornament patterns, let us know in the comments!

20 Crochet Christmas Ornament Patterns

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