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Crochet Mason Jar Covers

Mason jars with ice and lemonade and straws, with crochet covers in varying colors.

These crochet mason jar covers are perfect accessories for a summer bbq or outdoor event! They protect your drinks from dirt and bugs, while also helping people keep track of which cup is theirs! They are super quick to work up and perfect for beginners!

The Origin of This Pattern

When I first started crocheting for craft fairs in 2015, my then 10 year old had a really fun time coming up with crafts that he could also make and sell in my booths. One of the really cute items he made were sets of cup toppers made out of perler beads, with a hole in it for your straw.

I stopped doing craft fairs in 2018, and so he also stopped making his cup toppers. Recently I was reminded of those cute little sets and thought that a crochet version would be very simple and cute.

It took a few attempts to get the correct number of rows for the width of a wide mouth jar, but once I figured it out it was a quick and easy project. My favorite kind!

The Yarn For This Pattern

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My go-to yarn for projects that will be in contact with food or drink, need to be washed regularly and that I want to work up fast and inexpensively… is Lily Sugar N Cream 100% Cotton yarn. Those were exactly the factors I was looking for for this project!

And since I use this yarn a lot for many of my kitchen and homemaking patterns, I had a lot of scraps to use up! These crochet mason jar covers are a perfect scrap buster project!

The Pattern

If you would like to purchase an inexpensive, ad-free pdf version of this Crochet Mason Jar Covers Pattern, you can find it here at my Etsy shop. (scroll down for the full free pattern)

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Size 4 Yarn (I used Lily Sugar N Cream)
US J/ 6.0 mm Crochet Hook
Yarn Needle


Diameter of circle should be 3.25” to 3.5” after round 4 of pattern in order to fit the 3 3/8” jar lid.

Finished size: This cover is designed to fit a wide mouth mason jar opening.

Stitches Used:
(ch) Chain
(sl st) Slip Stitch
(sc) Single Crochet
(hdc) Half Double Crochet
(dc) Double Crochet
technique: crocheting in the back loop only

Pattern Notes:

Beginning chain of each round does not count as a stitch.

I tend to crochet tightly. So be sure to check your gauge according to the notes after round 4 and if you are crocheting more loosely than me you can move to a smaller hook (or larger if you crochet even more tightly). Some people even need to go down two hook sizes to match my gauge.

This cover is designed to fit a wide mouth mason jar opening (3 3/8”).

Video Tutorial:

Written Pattern:

Ch 5. Join with a sl st to the first chain to create a circle. 

Round 1: Ch 1. 10 hdc in the circle. Crochet around your tail so that you can use the tail to cinch it tight when you’re done. Join with a sl st to the first hdc. (10)

Round 2: Ch 1. 2 hdc in the same stitch. Ch 2. Skip one stitch. 2 hdc in the next stitch. 2 hdc in each remaining stitch around. Join with a. Sl st to the first hdc. (20)

Round 3: Ch 1. Hdc in the same stitch. 2 hdc in the next stitch. 3 hdc in the chain space. 1 hdc in the next stitch (Directly at the end of the ch sp. Can be tricky to spot. See photo below). 2 hdc in the next stitch. *1 hdc in the next stitch. 2 hdc in the next stitch.* Repeat from * to * around. Join with a sl st to the first hdc. (30)

Round 4: Ch 1. Sc in the same stitch. Sc in the next stitch. 2 sc in the next stitch. *1 sc in each of the next two stitches. 2 sc in the next stitch.* Repeat from * to * around. Join with a sl st to the first sc. (40) 

Note: at this point your circle should be about 3.25” to 3.5” in diameter. If not, go up or down a hook size (or two) accordingly.

Round 5: Ch 2. Dc in the same stitch. Dc in each stitch around, in the back loop only (see photo below). Join with a sl st to the first dc. (40)

Round 6: Ch. 1. Hdc in the same stitch. Hdc in each of the next 2 stitches. Hdc2tog. *Hdc in each of the next 3 stitches. Hdc2tog. * Repeat from * to * around. Join to the first Hdc with a sl st. (32)

Finish off and weave in ends.

Note: Feel free to sell finished products made with this pattern. If finished products are posted online, please include a reference/credit to this pattern. Do not distribute or claim the pattern as your own, or alter and use my photos to market your finished products.

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    1. So glad you love it Sheila! Usually I have a link to purchase a printable pdf on Etsy, but for some reason I am having trouble loading the file on there for this one. Hopefully I will have that sorted out soon. It is available on Ravelry if you use that.

  1. Wow what a great idea have got this pinned l have so many nieces and nephews and grandchildren great way to stop the arguing of who’s got who’s cup l can even bling it up for the girls thankyou lizzy😊😍😇

  2. I made 2 yesterday so easy to make. I did resize to fit the mini Mason jar cups from dollar tree. Wanting to see if the big lid will fit the 16 ounce drinking glass Mason jar. So excited to make more

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