Crochet Pattern Collections Sale!

It’s January! The holidays are over. You’re done shopping, baking, planning, traveling or hosting. The house is (maybe) put back in order and the kids are back in school. Or maybe you’re back to work. Whatever your situation is, things are probably settling back into “normal” for a bit.

But, even though the holidays are past, winter is not! It’s still cold and blustery with no end in sight for several months yet. Cozy by the fire or snuggled up on the couch is still the best place to be! So what does that mean for us crocheters? Why, it means it’s the perfect time for lots of crocheting of course!!

And that’s why I am so excited to team up with a wonderful group of crochet designers to offer you great deals on lots and lots of crochet patterns to fuel all that crocheting you’ll be doing til Spring!!

Crochet Pattern Bundles

All of these sales are for Crochet Pattern Bundles or Collections in downloadable PDF format. That means you get more than one pattern for the price you pay. What is awesome about this sale is that usually a bundle is already a reduction from the price you would pay for each pattern individually. But for this month only (January 2019), you will get an additional price reduction on each bundle… saving you even more money per pattern! This is such a great opportunity and I hope you take advantage of it!

January 2019 Only!

Please note that these sale prices will all expire by January 31, 2019! So grab them up now!

Links to Each Pattern Bundle or Collection

Below is a list of all the collections available in this special January Event. For each item you’ll find a link to the sale item, as well as a link to the designers blog so you can check out all their other stuff too.  If you find a new designer you really like, be sure to follow them on social media or sign up for their newsletter on their blog. Many of these designers also offer free patterns on their website, so be sure to check them out. If you’re not up for purchasing a bundle, you may find what you’re looking for on their blog. But if you like to download and save or print your patterns, this is a fantastic deal!

Cute As A Button Crochet & Craft

15 Patterns for $15.99 ON SALE for $9.59!


Nana’s Crafty Home

29 Patterns for $24.99 ON SALE for $19.99!



20 Patterns for $15.99 ON SALE for $10.99!


Made With A Twist by Crochetpreneur

15 Patterns for $14.99 ON SALE for $9.99!


Crochet Memories

20 Patterns for $36 ON SALE for $26


Gramm’s Designs

19 Patterns for $26.24 ON SALE for $19.68


Stitching Together

20 Patterns for $25 ON SALE for $17.50


Please note this last ebook below is only available through Sunday, January 13, 2019 and requires a coupon code to receive the sale price!

Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

15 Patterns for $12.99 ON SALE for $9.99 with COUPON CODE: QuickEasyEbook

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