Firework Wands Tutorial

wand tutorial2

I created these wands on accident when I attempted to make 4th of July ribbon wands and one of the spools I purchased was a wire garland. I found out they do not “flow” at all and make a terrible addition to a ribbon wand! However, they are fantastic for these fun “firework” wands! They are pretty and sparkly and feel fun and magical! Even I enjoyed waving one around with the kids. And best of all, they are SUPER EASY to put together!

wand materials

Patriotic Star Wire Garland (I bought my spool in the ribbon section at Walmart, but also found it online here)
12″ wooden dowels
Acrylic Paint (or any paint that can be used on wood)
Sponge brush for painting
Duct tape (preferably in a pretty, shiny color)
Scissors for cutting wire and tape


  1. Paint your dowels, whatever colors you like. You may need to do a few coats, depending on the paint and how dark you want it to look. Let them dry.
  2. Cut 5 pieces of wire garland, each 12″ long.
  3. Bend each piece at the center, into a “V” shape:

wand2 copy

4. Gather the pieces together and tape them to one end of your dowel:

wand3 copy

5. Bend and shape them to look like fireworks. ALL DONE! These are perfect for party favors, boredom busters for the kids, or stick them in a pail of sand for a cute centerpiece decoration at your 4th of July party!

wand tutorial2

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