45+ Free Crochet Pattern Blogs

Now that we are well into “crochet season” (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), we are all on the lookout for our next projects and favorite new patterns to keep us busy until Spring!

I am a pattern junky!

If you’re anything like me, you can’t get enough new patterns. Even if I can’t possibly try them all, I love seeing what my favorite designers come up with next and I am always excited to see the “next new thing.”

Since I love it so much AND am in all the crochet spaces for my own crochet business, I have had a chance to become familiar with who is putting out awesome free crochet patterns on a regular basis. I thought maybe it would be helpful if I made a big list of them for all of you who might not be spending quite as much time as me in all the crochet spaces!

First of all, here is what this list does NOT include:
  1. Youtube channels. I know there are many people who prefer video tutorials and follow their favorite Youtube channels for those. However, I am not as familiar with youtube makers and will have to save those for another post. Some of the bloggers listed here will also have large Youtube channels, so there will be some overlap, but in general, Youtube is not my focus here.
  2. Company websites. There are many company websites, such as yarn brands (Lion Brand, Red Heart), or larger sites such as Ravelry.com or Allfreecrochet.com, that have many free crochet patterns. These are also not listed here.
  3. Every possible designer. Though I think I have a pretty good awareness of who is out there in the crochet space, the world is big and I am sure some really great designers have slipped by me. I will continue to update my list as I learn of them! Feel free to leave links to anyone I have missed in the comments!

My main focus for this post is Indie designers who share free crochet patterns regularly on their blog/ website.

One more caveat… though all of these designers post mostly free patterns, some of them do also post some paid patterns. By linking them here I am not promising that ALL of their patterns are free. But as far as I know, each of these post a good number of free patterns on a regular basis.

Now, enjoy…

There are a LOT of people in this list and you could spend all day checking them each out (it took me literally hours just to create the list!). So, I would recommend bookmarking or pinning the page so you can come back to it as you have time.

Also, if you find a new favorite, the best way to stay up to date with their newest patterns is to sign up for their email list!

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    1. Hi Karin! I did take a look at her site (and do love her stuff as well!). When I looked it was hard to tell if the majority of the patterns were free or paid. I will take another look and if she has a lot of free I will definitely add her!

  1. Thank you so much for this list! Many I have but so many I didn’t know about! But 2 of my favorites are missing! That is Highland Hickory featuring designer Erica! Each blog / Newsletter has a free pattern and her designs are amazing! Also Crochet Kim! Another awesome designer who always features free patterns! I love your designs also! Yours make me a very happy hooker!!!😀
    Thanks again,
    💖 Kate Walsh

  2. This collection of (crochet) bloggers is AWESOME!!! I added it to my reading list for constant reference. GREAT JOB!!!

  3. Hi Esther!
    Thank you for the awesome collection of crochet bloggers! Also your new summer/spring bag is adorable! Thank you for sharing your creativity!

    I do have two other blog I do very much enjoy reading that are not on your list.
    Crochet365KnitToo by Cheryl Bennett
    and also CraftPassion by Joanne .
    They both have awesome crochet inspiration and patterns.

    Have a Beautiful Day!

  4. Hi again!
    I forgot one more crochet blog I enjoy.
    Knitting with Chopsticks by Hortense,
    She has beautiful crochet Inspiration and patterns.

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