Meadowsweet Lacy Crochet Wrap Pattern

Woman with brunette hair, standing in a field. Wearing a floral dress and a pink lacy crochet wrap around her shoulders.

This lacy crochet wrap is just the right amount of cover over your shoulders on a cool evening! The simple chain construction with the picot stitch scattered throughout creates a beautifully feminine design! This piece is classy enough to pair with formal wear, or makes a beautiful accessory for a date night outfit! Either way, it’s a wonderful project for showing off some gorgeous, light-weight yarn!

The added bonus is that the stitching is very simple and once you get it down, the entire piece is a repeat. A great project to keep your hands busy in front of the t.v.

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This Crochet Wrap Is All About The Yarn

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Pink ombre lacy crochet wrap laying next to a blue and pink flower print dress. Two skeins of unused yarn sit next to the wrap.

The inspiration for this lacy crochet wrap literally began with the yarn (as so many of my projects do!). I was at Joann’s one day and ran across this Big Twist Glam in the color Rose. It was incredibly soft, almost feathery, and the most beautiful muted ombre with blush pink, peach and off-white tones melting seamlessly into one another.

The yarn is also sprinkled with the teeny, tiniest little sequins all throughout. There’s a sequin secured about every 2 inches through the whole skein of yarn and it adds the perfect amount of shimmer.

Overall, this yarn was so soft and so pretty, I just had to buy some even though I had no idea what I would do with it. All I knew was that it had to be something feminine and light.

Woman in a pink and blue floral dress, standing on a green lawn in front of a floral area. She is holding a pink ombre lacy crochet wrap in front of her with both hands.

Now, here’s the downside of this yarn… It is a size 4, but it is fairly light and very loosely spun, which really makes it feel a lot like a 3. The loose structure did make for a lot of splitting and, though the sequins are beautiful, they do catch easily on fuzzy things or even on itself. When I folded up my work along the way, it would catch on itself as I tried to unfold it. You do have to be very careful of that. Worth it? Yes! But also a little stressful? Yes!

The Picot Stitch

Woman in a blue and pink floral dress standing on a lawn, looking down. She has a pink lacy crochet wrap around her shoulders and held close.

So, once I decided this beautiful yarn needed to be something light and lacy, it was all about finding just the right stitch. I came across this combination of chains and picot stitches in my favorite stitch dictionary!

The Picot stitch is created by a single crochet in a stitch, followed by 3 chains and then a slip stitch back into the first single crochet. It makes the perfect little subtle pop of texture.

The Pattern

If you would like to purchase an inexpensive, ad-free printable pdf version of this lacy crochet wrap pattern, you can find it here at my Etsy shop.

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4” swatch: 9 rows x 4 picot sections (as completed according to the pattern)

Finished Size:

17” x 55”

Stitches Used:

  • (ch) chain
  • (sl st) slip stitch
  • (sc) single crochet

Pattern Notes:

Gauge is not terribly important for this pattern. However, just for reference, I tend to crochet tightly. If you feel your stitches are too loose or too tight, you can adjust by switching to a larger or smaller hook than the one recommended in the pattern. The most important issue is whether the drape feels good to you.

You can use the gauge listed in the pattern to reference your tension, but keep in mind this is a mesh stitch, so it is easy to stretch. To measure my gauge, I laid it down on a table with minimal adjustment, just enough stretching to flatten and straighten the rows gently.

The yarn I used felt much closer to a size 3 yarn than a 4 to me. If you use a thicker size 4, you may have a little less drape.


Chain 84.

Note: My chain was about 20 inches long. This resulted in a roughly 17” width when complete. This will be the width of the shawl. If you would like to adjust the width, you may adjust the number of stitches. Just be sure your total number of chains is a multiple of 4.

Row 1: Sc in the 8th chain from the hook. Chain 3. Sl st into the sc you just completed. (note: this creates what we will refer to as a “picot” in this pattern. We will use the picots to count the stitches in a row). Chain 5. Skip the next 3 chains. *Sc in the next. Chain 3. Sl st into the sc you just completed. Chain 5. Skip the next 3 chains.* Repeat from * to *. Place a sc in the last stitch of the row. (19 picots)

Row 2: Chain 5. Turn. Sc into the 3rd chain. Chain 3. Sl st into the sc you just completed. Chain 5. *Skip the picot (the connected sc and ch 3 from previous round). In the next chain 5 space, sc into the 3rd chain. Chain 3. Sl st into the sc you just completed. Chain 5.* Repeat from * to * across. After the last picot, end with a sc into the 3rd chain of the final turning chain 5 from the previous row. (19 picots)

Rows 3 – 108: Repeat Row 2.

Note: you can add or remove rows here to customize to your preferred length. My wrap was approximately 55” long.

Row 109: Ch 4. Turn. Sl st into the top of the picot. Ch 3. *Sl st into the next picot. Ch 3.* Repeat from * to * across. Sc into the 3rd chain of the chain 5 at the end of the row. (81)

Finish off and weave in ends. Add fringe if desired.

Note: Feel free to sell finished products made with this pattern. If finished products are posted online, please include a reference/credit to this pattern, including a link. Do not distribute or claim the pattern as your own, or alter and use my photos to market your finished products.

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