Mossy Cobblestone Cowl

This crochet cowl pattern has so much wonderful texture! The extra loop added between double crochet stitches creates a delicate diagonal design that is sure to impress.

That extra loop also adds a little extra “poof” to the stitch, making this an especially soft and squishy project! If you really like the look of this stitch, you might also enjoy the Crochet Soap Saver pattern that I first used it in.

Be sure to check out the matching hat pattern as well: the Mossy Cobblestone Beanie.

The Origin of This Pattern

I created this crochet cowl pattern specifically for the 2020 Scarf and Hat of the Month Club CAL, hosted by Oombawka Design Crochet and The Stitchin’ Mommy. This is a really fun Crochet Along that runs all year long!! Each month a free crochet hat & scarf pattern is posted from Oombawka Design, The Stitchin’ Mommy and one guest designer (that’s me this month!). Over the year that’s a total of 36 free crochet patterns!

You can find all the info for the 2020 CAL, including links to patterns posted so far and the release schedule, HERE on the CAL homepage. You can sign up to receive a reminder each time a new pattern is released by scrolling down to the bottom of the CAL page and clicking the sign up link.

Here is The Stitchin’ Mommy’s scarf for March: Elli’s Tweed Button Cowl
Here is Oombawka Design Crochet’s scarf for March: The Susannah Scarf

The Yarn For This Pattern

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This Cobblestone Yarn from Lion Brand Yarn turned out to be so perfect for this project!

I originally picked it up when I found it tucked away on a different aisle from all the other yarn in Joann’s. I wasn’t sure how long the yarn had been in existence; I had never seen it before. But I loved the texture and “pebbled” look of the colorway. I knew I had to use it for something!

As soon as I started working up the band for this pattern, I got excited! This yarn has firmness, yet soft drape, that is just fantastic! It holds the shape of the stitches so well and shows their texture with such distinction, yet is still so soft! I absolutely love it!

The Pattern

If  you would like to purchase an inexpensive, ad-free pdf version of this crochet cowl pattern, you can find it here at my Etsy shop. (scroll down for the full free pattern)

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– Size 4 yarn, 275-300 yards (I used less than 2 skeins of Lion Brand Cobblestone Yarn in ‘Mosstone’)
US I9/ 5.5 mm Crochet Hook
Yarn Needle

The easiest place to measure gauge for this pattern is after 4 inches of the initial band is completed.

At 4 inches of the band, I had 16 rows. My band was 8 stitches across and 2 inches wide.

You can check gauge again at the end of 90 rows (final length of band): 2 inches wide and 22 inches from foundation chain to final row.

Final Measurements:
22” circumference x 12” tall

Stitches & Abbreviations Used:
(ch) chain
(sl st) slip stitch
(sc) single crochet
(hdc) half double crochet
(dc) double crochet
(yo) yarn over
technique: crochet in the back loop only

Pattern Notes:

I tend to crochet tightly. So be sure to check your gauge and if you are crocheting more loosely you can move to a smaller hook (or larger if you crochet even more tightly). Some people find they even need to go down two hook sizes to meet my gauge.

This pattern creates a cowl with a 22” circumference, which is a little bit on the narrow side. Since there are no increases or decreases in this pattern, it is easy to resize if you would like a larger circumference. Simply add rows to the beginning band of the pattern to make the cowl as wide as you like. Just be sure to end with a row count on the band that is an even number.

This pattern instructs you to join at the end of each round. This will create a slightly noticeable seam that runs diagonally along the back of the cowl. If this bothers you, an alternative method is to not join, but crochet in a “continuous” round. If you choose to use this method, just be sure to use a stitch marker to keep track of the end of your round.


Beginning band:

Chain 9.

Row 1: Sc in the second chain from the hook and in each chain across (8).

Row 2: (this row should be crocheted in the back loop only) Ch 1. Turn. Sc in the same stitch and each stitch across. (8)

Row 3-90: Repeat row 2 (continue to crochet in back loop for all rows).

At this gauge my band was 22 inches long and 2 inches wide. If your gauge is very different, you can start over with a larger or smaller hook at this point. Or, if you would just like to adjust the size of your cowl, you can add or remove rows here, as long as the final count of rows is an even number.

Sc the two ends of the band together. Turn the band inside out so that the seam is hidden on the inside.

Remaining body of cowl:

Note: You will now crochet in rounds, along the edge of the band.

Round 1: Ch 1. Place 1 sc in the end of each row around the band. Join with a sl st to the first sc of the round. (90).

Round 2: Ch 2. Dc in the same stitch. Ch 1. Insert hook into the same stitch again. Yarn over and pull through. (Pull enough through so that the tension is loose. This will allow the loop to stretch across the space created by the upcoming skipped stitch.) Skip the next stitch (you still have two loops on your hook). *Dc in the next stitch. Note: As you complete your dc, since you have an extra loop on your hook, on your final yarn over and pull through, you will pull through 3 loops (rather than the usual last 2 of a dc). Ch 1. Insert hook into the same stitch again. Yo and pull through (again, the goal is to have loose tension on this loop). Skip the next stitch (you still have two loops on your hook).* Repeat from * to * around. At the end of the round your last step will be to skip the last stitch. You will have two loops on your hook. Join with a sl st to the first dc of the round. (90) (see photos below for visuals for this round)

You can find a video tutorial for this stitch pattern HERE.

Note: The key to the “squish” and “airiness” of this stitch pattern is to keep a loose tension on the yarn over and pull through between double crochet stitches!

Rounds 3 – 20: Repeat round 2. (90).

Note: If you’re unsure what stitch your dc should be going into for rounds 3+, it should go in the dc from the previous round, which is the “more loose” stitch, which looks like it stretches between the gap between dc. The ch 1 will be skipped, which will probably be the tighter stitch in your row. See photos below for additional help.

At this point my cowl was 12 inches tall. You can feel free to adjust the height to your preference here by adding or removing rounds.

Round 21: Ch 1. Hdc in the same stitch and each stitch around. (this might feel a little tight in the ch1 stitches). Join with a sl st to the first hdc of the round. (90)

Finish off and weave in ends.

Optional Alternate ending:

If you prefer a more distinctive edge at the top of the cowl, you can add two rows of hdc, in the 3rd loop only, then finish off.

Note: Feel free to sell finished products made with this pattern. If finished products are posted online, please include a reference/credit to this pattern, including a link. Do not distribute or claim the pattern as your own, or alter and use my photos to market your finished products.

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  1. is it possible to do this pattern from the top down?
    I am no designer but was wondering about because I don’t like how the top looks like.
    thank you it’s a very pretty pattern

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