Summer Crochet Applique Patterns

These summer crochet applique patterns will help you dress up all your projects for the sunshine season! Whether it’s sunglasses, a sunflower, or a beach ball, you’re sure to find an applique here to fit your summer theme!

Photo collage of 15 summer crochet appliques. Includes photos of dragonflies, ice cream cone, dragonfly, watermelon, sunflower, beach ball, flip flops, pineapple, daisy, butterfly and a sun.

I am always amazed at how a yarn and hook can be used to form a picture of almost anything! Need a heart? You can crochet one! A star? A gingerbread man? An Octopus?!! The possibilities are endless.

You can crochet all these items in 3-D (amigurumi) or you can create them as a flat, 2-D picture. In this second case, when the 2-D picture is a stand alone item (not a small part of a larger work) that can be used as an embellishment, we call it an applique.

What is an applique?

An applique is a piece of material that creates a picture and is placed on another material. An applique can be made from fabric, embroidery, punch needle, etc. In our case, our “material” is a 2-D picture made from crocheting with yarn.

The picture is then “applied” to another material, either by sewing or using some kind of adhesive.

What is a crochet applique used for?

There are so many ways to use your applique projects to embellish your other crochet work. You can add them to:

  1. Sweaters or other clothing items
  2. Bags and purses
  3. Hats and headbands
  4. Wall hangings
  5. Themed blankets
Want more appliques?

25 Adorable Applique Patterns

You can never get enough appliques! Check out this great collection of cute and fun applique patterns as well!

Where can I find crochet applique patterns?

In this post I will provide some links to crochet applique patterns that are specifically for summer themes. However, if you are looking for other applique themes or just want to explore what is out there in general, here are some crochet designer sites that have some nice collections of applique patterns:

  1. Raffamusa Designs
  2. Hookok
  3. Damn It Janet, Let’s Crochet
  4. Easy Crochet
  5. Repeat Crafter Me
  6. Hookfully


And finally, here is your list of summer crochet applique patterns! Enjoy!

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