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Super Simple Super Soft Super Scarf Pattern

Oversize crochet super scarf with fringe lying on a wooden table.

This crochet super scarf pattern works length-wise, rather than along the width, to create a scarf with beautiful long lines and rich texture! It is super easy (using only double crochet), so it is great for beginners and it is quick to work up using size 5 yarn and a P hook.

Because it works up so quickly, this is a perfect item to sell at craft fairs (I did so myself) and also makes a quick and impressive handmade gift! Although, you might have a hard time giving it away since it is so squishy!

Origin of this Super Scarf Pattern

This is a pattern I threw together just for myself a year or so ago. I created it so I had a quick, easy and popular basic scarf to sell at craft shows. I didn’t consider publishing it since I figured there’s probably a few out there like it already. Like I said, it’s pretty basic. But then I decided I needed to write it down, since I loved the scarf and didn’t want to forget how I’d done it. I figured, if I’m going to the trouble if writing it down, I might as well write it down on my blog!

I also thought it would be a nice companion pattern to go along with my stitch tutorial for the Foundation Double Crochet Stitch that I had been planning. I love foundation stitches because they are such time savers! Since they are some of my favorite stitches, I use them in a lot of my patterns, so I thought I should write out a tutorial to go with my patterns.

I’m happy to say that the video tutorial for the Foundation Double Crochet is up and running! You can find it HERE. This super scarf pattern is a perfect practice piece for the stitch tutorial  since it runs length-wise instead of across the width, making a nice loooong row of foundation stitches. So, if you haven’t mastered the foundation double crochet, this is a fantastic pattern to practice with!

The Yarn For This Pattern

My favorite yarn to use for this pattern is Loops & Threads Charisma yarn. This pattern is great because it uses thick yarn, so it works up quickly. However, thick yarn that is nice and squishy tends to be more pricey. I’ve noticed Michael’s seems to regularly put their Charisma Yarn on sale! This pattern takes 3 skeins of Charisma yarn (not counting fringe… sometimes I seem to have enough for fringe and sometimes not… but the pattern looks great with contrasting fringe if needed).

Be aware though that not all the Charisma yarns seem to be equal. You’ve got to do the squish test before throwing them in your cart! I have personally found the marble, tweed and heather skeins (in most colors) to be extremely soft and perfect for a squishy scarf. Other types did not feel as soft to me.

The Pattern

If  you would like to purchase an inexpensive, ad-free printable pdf version of this super scarf pattern, you can find it here at my Etsy shop.

Add this super scarf pattern to your Ravelry favorites HERE.

Size 5 Yarn, 180+ yards, this does not include fringe (I used Loops & Threads Charisma Marble in Granite)
US P/ 11.5 mm Crochet Hook
Yarn Needle for weaving in ends


4” swatch = 7 dc across X 5 rows tall

Finished size: Finished scarf at this gauge is 65 inches long (not including fringe)

Stitches Used:
(ch) Chain
(fdc) Foundation Double Crochet
(dc) Double Crochet

Pattern Notes:

Beginning chain of each row does not count as a stitch.

For the scarf in the photo I did not use the same yarn for the fringe. For the fringe I used Red Heart Soft in Off White.

For a free tutorial on how to complete the Foundation Double Crochet (written & video instructions) go to: https://www.caabcrochet.com/foundation-double-crochet

Video Tutorial:

Written Pattern:

Row 1: Fdc 110. (110)

Note: If you prefer not to use the Foundation Double Crochet, you may chain 112 and double crochet in the third chain from the hook and across (110).

At this point my scarf was 65 inches long.

Row 2: Ch 2. Turn. Dc in the same stitch and in each stitch across. (110)

Rows 3 – 8: Repeat row 2. (110)

At the end of row 8, finish off and weave in ends. Add fringe if desired. For a free tutorial on adding fringe, go to: https://www.caabcrochet.com/how-to-add-fringe-crochet-project



    1. Hi Jill, In the photo I used Red Heart soft, which is a size 4 yarn. I have also used the same size 5 yarn as I used for the scarf, if I had enough left over. Just depends on which you prefer :).

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