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T-Shirt Yarn Wrap Bracelet (Tutorial & Free Template)


This t-shirt wrap bracelet is a simple and comfortable accessory to a summer wardrobe. I personally have several styles made for myself and wear them regularly! So cute! Have fun playing with colors (and don’t feel like you have to stick with t-shirt yarn… see note below) and button styles and even add a charm or two. So many ways to have fun with this pattern!

US G hook (4.0 mm)
T-shirt yarn*
Yarn Needle
Matching sewing thread
Sewing needle
Button (I used a .75″ button)

* This pattern can also be used with any other size 5 yarn or two worsted weight strands strung together.


  1. Using your size G hook, create a 3 foot long crochet chain. I chose to use this small size hook, even with such thick yarn, because it will create a tighter chain.  I chose the thicker yarn for the same reason. I prefer this tighter, solid feel to that of a more wispy, loose chain, but it is certainly personal preference and you can play with sizes of needles and yarn to find what you like.
  2. To create the button loop, slip stitch into the sixth chain from your hook.  If you are using a larger or smaller size button than the .75″ button I used, you will need to adjust for size by choosing a closer or further chain from your hook.
  3. Slip stitch into the next two chains and fasten off. Using your yarn needle, weave end through a few chains, in the direction of the loop. Cut off excess yarn on both ends of chain. (no need to weave in the end where you began the chain, as you will sew the button on here and this will hold it secure.)
  4. Using thread and needle, sew your button onto the end of the chain that does not have the loop. Sew it through plenty of times so that it holds the end of the chain secure. T-shirt yarn tends to be slippery, so this sewing will help keep the ends from loosening up. Tie off.
  5. Using thread and needle, also sew the thread in and out through the yarn under your loop where you weaved in your end. Again, t-shirt yarn is slippery and because a wrist wrap will undergo a lot of stretching, your ends can quickly unwind. The  sewing will keep it extra secure. This part will be visible, so be sure to use a well-matched thread.

And there you go! Wrap it around the wrist at whatever tension feels comfortable to you and secure it with the button and loop! Now, if you plan on selling your item, feel free to use the Free Printable Template that I worked up below for packaging. I like to round the edges when I cut it out, but you can use it square as well.

Wrap Bracelet Template



    1. So sorry Detra! This one was of my first ever blog posts and as I look back I think I was not familiar with how to label things back then! I do not actually have a video tutorial for this project (though I should probably make one!), so I should probably use another word besides tutorial. Thanks for pointing it out so I can correct it! Esther

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