10 Creative Ways To Use Leftover Yarn

Collage of crafts you can do with leftover yarn. Various brightly colored projects.

Are you looking for some creative ways to use leftover yarn?

When you finish up a fiber project, you never know how much yarn you might have left. It could be a few small bits, or almost a full skein! If you’re anything like me, it’s painful to throw away any of that beautiful yarn; no matter how tiny the scrap is!

Unfortunately, that leftover yarn is almost never quite enough to complete a whole new project. You can’t get a whole scarf or beanie out of it. Is there anything you can do with those beautiful scraps that you paid for? Is there anymore joy you can get from these beauties that you picked out because you loved the texture or the color?

I’m so happy to say, yes, there are actually quite a lot of ways to use leftover yarn!

Here are my favorite creative ideas for putting those scraps to good use, no matter how big or small they are:

Scrap Buster Patterns

My first thought is always crochet or knit patterns specifically designed to use up leftover yarn. Though you may not have enough yarn to make an entire project in one color, you can use scraps for a pattern that requires many colors.

This Scrap Buster Beanie is a perfect example. Blankets that use striping or granny square design are another popular option. For more pattern ideas, check out my Scrap Buster Crochet Pattern Board on Pinterest.

Small Crafts

There are many non-crochet and knit crafts that incorporate yarn. Here are a few cute ideas:

For more scrap yarn craft ideas, visit this Pinterest Board.

Amigurumi Stuffing

Use yarn bits as a filler in an amigurumi project. This is especially great for yarn that is not as visually appealing anymore.

Gift Wrap

Use strands that are at least a couple yards long for gift wrapping, instead of ribbon.

Here is a collection of cute photos from Red Online to get your creative juices flowing.

Pom Poms & Tassels

It doesn’t take much yarn to make a pom pom or a tassel.

These cute little accessories can be added as embellishments to other crochet & knit projects. Or you can use them as accents in home decor, gifts, etc.

Here is a cute tutorial for making a wood bead tassel garland from Cara Supply.

Other Fiber Crafts

Besides crochet and knitting, there are quite a few other crafts that you could use yarn for.

A few examples:

Filler For Large Items

If you really have a lot of scraps that you want to use up all at once, why not use it as a filler for one of these larger items:

  • Bean Bag
  • Pouf
  • Pillow

Card & Spin Your Own Yarn

If you’re really ambitious you can learn to comb or card your yarn bits and use it as a softer stuffing, or even spin new yarn with it!

Does this sound cool, but like too much work? You can send your yarn to Sumi & Me‘s Scrap Yarn Spinning Service and she will do it for you! What a cool service! This photo is an example of her beautiful work!

Kids Crafts

If you have kiddos, there are all kinds of crafts that could involve yarn scraps!


Create a decoration using the yarn (like a wall hanging) or just roll the yarn into cute balls and fill a basket with them. Even just stuff the smallest of yarn bits into a pretty clear container!

Here is a cute tutorial for a Rope Rainbow from Pure Sweet Joy.

Want even more ideas? Check out and follow my Pinterest Board for Scrap Yarn Crafts:


  1. I like these ideas, especially the idea for tassels. I can use many different thicknesses of yarns. Thanks for this great article.

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