8 Creative Yarn Storage Ideas

yarn storage ideas

If there’s one thing all of us crochet and knitting addicts know, it’s that a crochet or knitting addiction usually also means a serious yarn addiction!! We can never seem to get enough. It’s just a beautiful sight! Colors and textures just calling out ideas for that next new project! But there’s just never enough time to keep up with the ideas, so that leaves us with a yarn storage dilemma! Unfortunately, many of those beautiful skeins end up sitting on a shelf, or in a box, or a bag for far too long! However, I don’t think that has to be such a bad thing. If you’re like me, you love to just gaze at your yarn and all it’s beautiful potential. So, let’s not hide our yarn away. Let’s not waste all those beautiful colors and hues. Here are some fabulous ways to enjoy the beauty of your yarn and put it to good decorative use with these fabulous yarn storage ideas, even as it is waiting for its turn on your hook!

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Of course, shelving is an obvious option. Whether it’s a hanging shelf, or an old book shelf, it is a great way to let out all that color and put it on display! And, because shelving can come in various sizes, it can be an especially good option for a nice, big collection! Here is a fun example from Sarah at Repeat Crafter Me. In fact, this picture and the basket one further down are from an awesome post Sarah did a few years ago on creating her storage system for her yarn. I only included two of her photos here, but you really should read the whole article for tons of organization inspiration! Her yarn space is amazing!

yarn storage from repeatcrafterme.com

Vintage furniture

If you like vintage style, then vintage furniture is a great way to incorporate your yarn into your decor. Especially if you can find a piece with open shelving or glass doors. Here is a beautiful example from Sewrella.com.  Ashleigh from Sewrella details in her post how she turned a Craigslist find into this beautiful and functional display piece.

hutch yarn storage


Besides being a yarn addict, I am also a basket addict! So, it comes as no surprise that I like this particular storage idea and happen to have baskets of yarn and works in progress all over the house. It’s a particularly great way to make a yarn stash that is a little bit messy look neat and tidy. A jumble of yarn doesn’t look so pretty on a shelf or in a glass case, but it looks just fine in a cute basket! Here’s another great example from Repeat Crafter Me.

yarn in baskets

Make Your Own Yarn Basket

If you want to combine your maker talent with your storage needs, there are hundreds of patterns out there for knit or crochet baskets! Go ahead and make yourself a few baskets and then fill them up with that extra yarn!! Here is a beautiful free pattern from Crochet in Color. For lots more pattern choices, take a look at my Crochet Containers Pinterest Board!

crochet basket tutorial

Metal Baskets

Going along with the vintage or farm house style that is very popular right now, the metal basket is another fun choice. I especially like it because, as baskets go, it has the most potential for showing off all that beautiful color! I definitely think I need to add a few of these to my basket collection! Here is a fun one I found on Amazon.com.

Tiered Baskets

A fun basket option that is decorative, as well as space savvy, is the tiered basket. It takes up less table top or floor space than individual baskets and adds tons of texture and flare to your room. Kind of like a cake tier, but made up of yummy yarn! Another great Amazon find.


Now, we all know that sometimes parts of our yarn stash are not especially sightly. Like all those yarn bits and deflated leftovers that,  even though they’re not enough for a whole project and we’re not quite sure what we’ll ever do with them, we just can’t quite seem to let them go. Well, here are a few great ideas to tuck them away that are not so visible, but still very functional and easy to see and access:

  1. Five Shelf Organizer that can hang in your closet.
  2. Hanging Mesh Organizer that’s actually cute out in the open too
  3. Shoe Organizer that can hang just about anywhere!
Creative Decor

Sometimes it’s not all about storage and just that we want to show off those pretty colors. Here are some especially showy and creative ways to highlight those colors until you find the perfect project for them.

Photo credits (left to right) 1. https://www.etsy.com/listing/484957511/elm-tree-bookshelf-compact-tree-shelves 2. https://www.theloopyewe.com/yarn-shop/blog/2011/09/hexipuffs-scrappy-squares-and-a-contest 3. http://www.martaschmidt.com/home/

So, what’s your favorite way to store your yarn? Let me know in the comments! And, if you want more yarn storage ideas, there are many, many more ideas on Pinterest. I couldn’t fit all the fun ideas I found here today, so be sure to check out my Yarn Storage Board on Pinterest too!

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  1. I love your idea of using a tiered basket for yarn to save floor space and adds texture to the room! However, I think I would like the yarns that are on carriers like spools so everything stays rolled tightly! I think I could convert your yarn tiered design to work though!

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