8 Crochet Garland Patterns for Fall


Garlands are such a wonderful way to add a bit of whimsy and charm to any seasonal or themed decor. Here is a fabulous collection of free crochet garland patterns, specifically for fall! I hope you enjoy them! Feel free to add a link to your own favorite pattern in the comments, or visit my Crochet Garland Board on Pinterest for even more garland ideas and inspiration for every season!

  1. Fall Lace Garland from Good Knits.


2. Pumpkin Pie Bunting from Repeat Crafter Me.


3. Acorn & Leaf Garland from Joann’s.


4. Pumpkin Garland from Night Weather.


5. Crocheted Candy Corn Bunting from Craftaholics Anonymous.


6. Fall Leafy Banner from Red Heart


7. Thanksgiving Crochet Banner from Red Heart on All Free Crochet.


8. Halloween Garland from Growing Up Gabel.


Bonus: I have created my own Fall Crochet Bunting pattern! You can find it free HERE!


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