Crochet Hot Pad Patterns

Photo Collage of 11 crochet hot pad patterns

One of the most practical items you can crochet is a hot pad! I have created several crochet hot pad patterns myself and I use the samples I made every. single. day! I love them so much!

This is a great project to make for yourself, but it also makes a practical and inexpensive gift. It’s a great item to make for a craft for or holiday market as well.

Why I love Crochet Hot Pads

Some of my favorite things about a crochet hot pad are that they are inexpensive (just purchase a few skeins of cheap cotton yarn), they wash up really well, and they are softer and more flexible than the quilted cloth variety you buy at the store!

Crochet hot pads or pot holders (or scrubbies for that matter) are one of those wonderful projects where cheaper, more industrial yarn is actually a better choice than a more luxurious, costly option. The more inexpensive cotton yarns are super tough and don’t fuzz up like the softer, sleeker types.

Cotton holds up super well to washing (see below for more reasons why you should use cotton yarn for your crochet hot pad patterns). And as you wash them, they get even softer. My crocheted hot pads (even the double thick layered ones), have so much more give and flex than the store bought cloth versions. They really mold to the shape of your hand, which gives a greater sense of security when handling hot objects!

And one more thing… they are so dang cute!

Why you should use cotton yarn for your hot pads

  1. Cotton is heat resistant: Whenever you are creating something that will come into contact with high temperatures, cotton is always your best choice!
  2. Cotton is durable: Hot pads are a real work horse of an item. You use them every day! Cotton doesn’t fuzz up or pill like acrylics or animal fibers.
  3. Cotton washes really well: Pot holders get messy and need lots of washing. Cotton holds up really well to repeated washing and drying!

Cotton yarn has very unique and beneficial characteristics. If you would like to learn more about cotton yarn and what else to make with it, check out my Ultimate Guide to Crocheting With Cotton!

11 (free!) Crochet Hot Pad Patterns

I hope I have convinced you to get going on a crochet hot pad pattern or two! Enjoy this list of wonderful options to get started!

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