How To Crochet The Herringbone Double Crochet Stitch

Sample crochet square of the herringbone double crochet stitch. Bright blue yarn on a backdrop of white wash wood, next to peach flowers.

The herringbone double crochet stitch is a little bit taller than a traditional double crochet. It also creates a slightly more pronounced tilt towards the left.

When worked in the round, the herringbone double crochet creates a beautiful slant in the same direction throughout the project. When worked back and forth in rows, it creates the traditional “herringbone” design (hence the name) with a tilt that alternates directions with each row.


~ Yarn of any weight
~ Crochet hook of appropriate size for the yarn weight
~ Scissors
~ Yarn needle for weaving in ends

Starting Chains

When starting a project from a chain, work as many chains as you want for you width, plus 2. Work your first herringbone double crochet into the 3rd chain from the hook.

When starting a new row/round, chain 2 for the beginning chain of the row/round.


  1. Yarn over. Insert hook into the next stitch.

2. Yarn over. Pull the yarn through the stitch and the first loop on your hook (2 loops will remain on your hook).

3. Yarn over and pull through one loop (2 loops will remain on your hook).

4. Yarn over and pull through both loops

Ready to start using this stitch in a project? Try the Herringbone Circle Placemat!

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