Twisted Fringe Tutorial

A twisted fringe edging creates a unique mood: kind of earthy, a little playful. It can be an especially fun way to use up your ends. Unfortunately, it is NOT less tedious than weaving them in. However, it is totally worth the work to create this fun vibe! The written and video instructions below will teach you how to use your ends to add twisted fringe to your projects!

If you’re looking for the full pattern for the dish towel in the photo, you can find that HERE.

First is the written tutorial with photos for how to add twisted fringe. For a short demonstration video, scroll further down.


1. Sort all ends into pairs of two. Note: I did not use the tails from the starting row or the final finish off (at the corners), as this would give me an odd number of tails. Instead, I wove those tails in.

2. Twist two ends tightly, but not enough to curl.

3. Fold the twisted yarn/cord in half over itself. The cord will twist up on itself. Straighten gently if needed. Position so there are a few inches of yarn at the end to thread into a yarn needle (enough to weave in at step 5 below). Use the yarn needle to put the ends through 2 loops of the towel closest to the cord.

4. Use the ends to tie a knot around the base of the cord.

5. Weave in the ends.

6. Tie another knot near the end of the cord.

7. Cut the tip of the cord on the outer edge of the knot off and fluff.

Video Demonstration

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