How To Add Fringe To A Crochet Project

Adding fringe to a crochet project is easy and quick, but if you’re anything like me, the first time you decided to try it you weren’t quite sure what to do! Here is a step by step tutorial for how to add fringe to a crochet project! And if you like the scarf pictured in this tutorial, you can find the free pattern for it HERE.

Crochet Hook
Optional: Measuring Tape

1. Cut strips of yarn twice the length that you want your finished fringe to be, plus a little extra to give enough length for trimming. In this example I cut strips of about 11-12 inches in order to achieve a finished fringe of about 5 1/2 inches.

2. Depending on how thick you want your trim to be, gather your strips into groups. In this example I used 4 pieces of yarn for each piece of fringe. Fold the group in half. This can be done with as little as one piece of yarn for each piece of fringe. Just keep in mind when picking the placement for each group on your project that the more pieces per group, the more space you will need between each group.

3. Place your project so that the wrong side is facing you (right side is down). Insert the hook from the wrong side, at the point in the project where you would like to add fringe. Pull the group of yarn strips back through the project by hooking the yarn at the middle where you folded it.

Note: If you are adding fringe to a corner of a project, such as on a scarf, keep in mind that if you insert the hook directly at the corner, the finished piece of fringe might bend outward a little bit, laying in the direction that the corner is pointing. If you want to avoid this and prefer that the fringe line up with the straight edges of the project, then insert your hook slightly inward from the corner, rather than directly at the corner.

4. Pull the yarn through just enough to get a loop that you can put your fingers through.

5. Reaching through the loop, grab the yarn tails and pull them back through the loop.

6. Pull the tails in the direction that you want the fringe to lie, until the knot is snug.

7. At this point, if you have any loose ends from your project that you prefer not to weave in, you can incorporate them into the fringe. Turn the project around so that the right side is now facing you.

8. Coming from the direction of the fringe tails, insert a crochet hook through the fringe knot and grab the extra yarn end with the hook.

9. Pull the yarn end back through the knot so that it lies with the rest of the fringe.

10. Use the scissors to trim the fringe so that the ends are straight and the same length.

All done! Another fun way to embellish a crochet project is to add tassels. You can find a step by step tutorial for adding tassels HERE.


  1. I love your tutorial about how to add fringe to a crochet project! I really liked how you included how to measure lengths of yarn and exactly how to put everything together, complete with photos!
    Now to tackle my ‘fringe project’ for my prayer shawl.

  2. Hello!

    I’m looking for an afghan pattern that creates a fringe as you crochet.

    Do you have one?

    Hiromi 🙂

  3. Hi there, I love this tutorial but I’m worried the tassels might come loose when machine washing. Is this secure enough when using chunky yarn, or is there a way to ensure it doesn’t come loose? Thank you!

  4. Thanks for the information. I have a shawl which is very plain and I’m going to add some fringe. This was very helpful.

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