16 Crochet Pullover Sweater Patterns

Photo collage of 16 crochet pullover sweater patterns!

These 16 crochet pullover sweater patterns are the perfect way to prep for cooler weather! The pinnacle crochet skill is making an item of clothing that you can wear and feel proud of. So, take a look at this list and find a pullover sweater pattern that fits your personal style the best!

Pullover Sweater Patterns Only!

For this particular round up, I am only including pullover patterns (as opposed to cardigans, cocoons or ponchos). To me, a closed design is a completely different outfit vibe than something that is open and layered.

Personally, I prefer a cozy cardigan, but a pullover has it’s place (especially a nice oversized one!). And whether you like a fitted, cropped or oversized (like me) style, you’re sure to find one you are drawn to in this list.

And don’t worry, if you came here looking for a mix of sweater styles, I plan on posting round ups for cardigans, cocoon sweaters and ponchos too!

What Yarn Should You Use For Your Sweater?

Most of these patterns will have specific suggestions for the yarn that the designer used to create the sweater. You will find the suggested yarn under the “Materials” section of the pattern.

For these patterns you will find a variety of yarn weights used (from a lightweight size 3 to a chunkier size 5) and a variety of yarn fiber as well. There’s wool yarn, acrylic, wool blends, cotton and even faux fur.

Each type of yarn is going to have a specific strength. A lighter size 3 yarn will give a soft, light drape and a chunkier size 5 will make a thick, cozy fabric. Wool is going to be great for warmth, but if you’re sensitive to itchy animal fibers, acrylics will be more comfortable. And of course, faux fur will be super fuzzy!

You don’t have to use the exact yarn that the designer used if you don’t want to (you might want to if you want your result to be exactly the same though). If you decide to go with something else, it’s best to at least match the size/weight of your yarn so that you get the correct sizing.

16 Crochet Pullover Sweater Patterns

And finally, to the patterns! Have fun picking a favorite or two!

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