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Front Loop Twisted Headband | Free Crochet Pattern

Flat lay photo of orange twisted crochet headband. Background is a concrete counter top. Orange and yellow flowers are peeking into the left corner of the scene.

This super simple twisted headband pattern is so quick and easy to crochet! It uses the front loop only single crochet stitch (flo sc) to create the nice neat lines and wraps it up with a twist seam. Stylish, comfy and easy to make!

I love the simplicity of a nice, extra wide headband. It has the look of a messy bun beanie, without quite as much work as a beanie takes. The twist on the headband makes it look like a complicated piece, but you would be surprised (I was)! It is basically one long rectangle with a simple sewing trick at the end to create the twist!

Great Beginner Pattern!

Close up of an orange twisted headband, lying on a concrete counter. Orange and yellow flowers are blurred in the background.

This simple twisted headband is especially great for a beginner because it just uses one of the most basic stitches… the single crochet stitch. The only change is that, instead of stitching into both loops at the top of your last row, you are only stitching into the front loop. That one simple change creates the added interest of the vertical lines, while still keeping it a very easy piece.

This would be a great project for someone who is just learning to crochet, but is wanting something with a little more interest than a dishcloth!

Made To Match!

I initially created this item to have something to match one of my previous patterns… the Crochet Blanket Wrap!

If you like the look and simplicity of the front loop only stitch, you might like to tackle this larger project too.

Woman standing in a park, wearing an autumn orange crocheted wrap over her arms and shoulders.

The Yarn: Lion Brand Heartland

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I chose to go with one of my all time favorite yarns for this project, Lion Brand Heartland! It is soft and sleek, beautiful to work with and wear, and it has some really gorgeous color options. I love that the colors have a bit of a tonal effect as well. This particular color, Gateway Arch, is one of my favorites for Fall!

The Pattern

If  you would like to purchase an inexpensive, ad-free printable pdf version of this simple twisted headband pattern, you can find it here at my Etsy shop.

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4” x 4” swatch of sc in the front loop only = 17 stitches x 16 rows


3 ¾” wide and 17” circumference

Stitches Used:

(ch) chain
(fsc) foundation single crochet
(sc) single crochet
(sc flo) single crochet front loop only

Where to find the “front loop” for the front loop only single crochet:

For sc flo, you complete a single crochet stitch just as you normally would. The only difference is that, when beginning the stitch, instead of inserting your hook through both of the loops of your next stitch, you only insert your hook through the front loop (the loop closer to you).

Pattern Notes:

Beginning chain of each row does not count as a stitch.

This project is very simple to resize to your own preferences. To adjust headband width, just add or remove stitches from the foundation row. To adjust the circumference of the project, just add or remove rows at the end of the project.

For reference, the 18” length of the band stated in the last steps of the pattern (which will result in a final circumference of 17” after connecting with the twist) is a teen or adult size.


Row 1: Fsc 16. This rw should be roughly 4 ½” across.

Note: You can customize the width of the headband by adding or removing fsc stitches.

Note 2: If you do not like to use foundation stitches, you can start with a chain of 17. Sc in the second chain from the hook and in each chain across. (16)

Row 2: Ch 1. Turn. Sc in the same stitch. Sc flo in each stitch across, except the last stitch. In the final stitch, place 1 sc. (16)

Rows 3 – 71: Repeat Row 2. (16)

Note: My headband was 18” from top to bottom at this point. This is a teen or adult small size. If you would like to make your headband circumference larger or smaller, you can add or remove rows. here The fit will be slightly tighter than this measurement once the ends are sewn together in a twist.

Finish off leaving a long tail. You will use a yarn needle and the long tail to whip stitch the ends together. See the photos below for how to create the twist. (note: the photos are from another headband pattern, the Spring’s Arrival Headband, but the method is the same)

How to Make Your Crochet Headband into a Twisted Headband

Note: Feel free to sell finished products made with this pattern. If finished products are posted online, please include a reference/credit to this pattern. Do not distribute or claim the pattern as your own, or alter and use my photos to market your finished products. Do not use this pattern to create video tutorials.


  1. I’m wondering if anyone else had the same issue I did. My gauge swatch was correct but my headband is measuring 18″ already at row 54. there’s no way I’d be able to continue to row 71 without it being a scarf lol. I’m trying to figure out if I’m missing something or if the number of rows listed in the pattern is incorrect (71)

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