20 Crochet Patterns for Valentine’s Day

Are you a big fan of Valentine’s Day? I can’t say that it is my favorite holiday, but I am basically a fan of anything that I can combine with crochet! Ha! So, I had a really fun time putting together this round up of Valentine’s Day Crochet Patterns. I am always happy to have another excuse to browse through patterns and ideas and dreamy color schemes!

As far as I am aware, at the time of this posting, all of these Valentine’s Day crochet patterns are available for free! So, have fun, and no matter what your Valentine’s Day looks like this year, I hope you can squeeze in a little crochet! Enjoy!

Valentine’s Day tags for Makers!

Now, once you’ve made some of these adorable projects, you’ll need some cute tags to wrap them up! Here is a free Valentine’s Day Tags for Makers download for you to print out and use!

More Valentine’s Day Patterns!

Looking for even more Valentine’s Day Inspiration? Here is my Seasonal Pinterest Board! Check it out and follow!

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