12 Crochet Temperature Patterns

Once January hits, it is common to see lots of talk about temperature blanket crochet patterns. This is because it is a project that starts in January and is completed throughout the course of the year! The end result is a truly unique and meaningful piece of art!

Photo collage of 12 crochet temperature blanket patterns

What is a crochet temperature blanket (or project)?

Typically, crochet temperature blanket patterns involve tracking the temperature for each day of the year. According to the temperature that day, you will use a specific color of yarn for that day’s section of the pattern. Depending on the design you have chosen, this might be a stripe, or a square, or other small section of the overall project. Every day you will add an additional piece until the year is over.

The most common temperature pattern is a blanket. However, since a blanket is such a big commitment, some people prefer something a little smaller and easier to complete. For that reason, I have included more than just blanket patterns in this round up so that you have some unique options!

Simplicity is key

Since crochet temperature blanket patterns are such a long-term project, it is important that the task each day is kept simple. That way you have a greater chance of staying strong to the end!

Because of this, you will notice in the posts linked below that the actual stitch pattern itself is very short and simple. Whether it’s a row of stitches, or a small granny square, the instructions for each day will be short and sweet. The bulk of the instructions in the posts will be about the thought process behind setting up the project, such as how to track your temperatures and picking colors.

12 Crochet Temperature Patterns

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