11 Modern Crochet Basket Patterns

Modern crochet baskets make for a fun project no matter what time of the year! You can use them to hold larger items, like blankets or toys. Or you can use them as a decoration for a cute plant! Small baskets can hold trinkets and some can even be used to hold all that extra yarn!

Whatever you plan to use your basket for, you’re sure to find some great options in this list of Modern Crochet Basket Patterns!

What yarn should I use for my basket?

Baskets are very versatile and practical! They can be used for so many things! What yarn you choose will depend on what you are going to use your basket for.

If you’re making a larger basket, you might want to use a chunkier yarn. This will serve to help the project work up faster, as well as give it a little more strength.

One of the challenges of baskets can be that they tend to flop over. A common solution to this problem is to use an additional material to add strength to the sides… such as a layer of plastic canvas on the inside or by crocheting around a string of rope. Another solution is to choose a material to crochet with that is extra stiff, like jute, cord or raffia.

Another consideration when choosing your yarn is whether you think your basket will get messy and need to be washed. If you are using it to hold a plant that might occasionally leak when watered, or if your basket will be on the bathroom counter where it could get splashed, you might want to use a yarn that is friendly to washing and dries easily. The best option for this is a cotton or cotton blend yarn.

To learn more about cotton yarn, it’s benefits, and why it is a great choice for baskets, check out my Ultimate Guide to Crocheting with Cotton!

11 Modern Crochet Basket Patterns

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