15 Crochet Pillow Patterns with Amazing Texture

Collage of 11 crochet pillow patterns.

If you love adding some modern texture to your home decor, you will really enjoy these 15 crochet pillow patterns! Each one offers a unique stitch or fabric that will add depth and character to the room.

Texture can be added through textiles with either the fiber, the colorwork, or the actual structure of the stitches.

Some of the patterns in this round up incorporate some of the more extravagant yarn fibers, like velvet or faux fur. No matter what stitch you are using in your crochet pillow pattern, if you use one of these types of yarn you will always get a very showy texture that feels great too!

Some of the ways you can achieve texture through color work are by using different techniques to create unique patterns of color. Some of the patterns in this round up use corner to corner crochet with color changes to achieve this. Corner to corner can create a wonderful modern or geometric design. Surface crochet or striping can also create some eye catching designs!

Lastly, the actual structure of the stitches themselves can create a beautiful texture. There is a whole assortment of crochet stitches you can choose from to create raised textures, circular textures or patterns. Some examples used in these patterns are the waffle stitch, bobbles, cables and bean stitches.

No matter what texture is your favorite, you’re sure to find something you like from this round up! Each of these patterns can be accessed for free! Just click on the Continue Reading button to go to each website. When you’re done, if you’re looking for more keep scrolling down to the link to my Pinterest board with even more pillow patterns!

Looking for even more crochet pillow pattern ideas? Check out and follow my Crochet Pillow and Pouf Patterns board on Pinterest:

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