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Make A Christmas Tree With Blanket-EZ Yarn

As soon as I saw the “hedge green” colorway in the Bernat Blanket-EZ Yarn, I knew it was perfect for a yarn Christmas Tree Craft! I love how all the soft hues of green blend together to create dimension and interest… just like a real tree!

This yarn Christmas Tree craft is a simple one, requiring no sewing or crocheting or knitting skills! All you need is pre-looped yarn, a foam cone, sewing pins and scissors!

My first attempt at this craft was to wrap the yarn around the cone and chain the loops together for a braided look. It was cute, but a little too plain. On my next attempt, I wrapped the yarn around, but left the loops in tact. This was cute, but a little too frumpy and lumpy in my opinion. Finally, I decided to wrap it, but snip the ends of all the loops, to give it a more “branched” look. Jackpot!

The result was just enough softness to create a bit of whimsy, but enough texture and depth of color to add a realistic touch. Have some fun with different sizes of cones and other colors of yarn! Bernat Blanket-EZ also comes in full white, as well as some neutral blends.


Directly below you will find a supply list and step by step instructions. For a full video tutorial, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

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Bernat Blanket-EZ Yarn
4.8″ x 11.9″ Foam Cone
Sewing Pins


Start by pinning one end of the yarn around the base of the cone.
Once you complete the base, continue pinning around the cone in an upward spiral.
Once you reach the top, continue until you cover as much of the top as you can. Trim when complete.
Use your scissors to cut each loop in half.
Once you are finished, give the tree a good fluff and brush off all the fuzzies!

Video Tutorial:

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  1. I just went and purchased the yarn (wow expesnive). Now I have to wait until the styfoam trees come out. I thought Hobby Lobby might have them but not yet. Oh well I can wait. I have my purple yarn to use.

      1. Hi. Today I made three of the trees. I Just wanted to follow up and let you know that the hot glue gun worked wonderfully. No problems with the glue melting the Styrofoam and it went super fast.

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