16 Mini Crochet Easter Treat Bag & Cup Patterns

Sometimes you want something a little different to spruce up your Easter celebrations. Hard boiled eggs and a basket of candy are fun, but how about something unique and handmade this year?

photo collage of 16 mini crochet easter treat bags & cups. Showing Easter themed treat cups, mini baskets, drawstring pouches and refillable easter eggs!

If you’re wanting to add some creativity to your Easter gifts, but also don’t have a ton of time, these little crochet easter treat bag and cup patterns are just what you need! They work up quickly and are exceptionally cute! Not only that, but once you make them, you can use them over and over again!

These little Easter treat bag patterns would be great as seasonal decor, a small gift, or a sweet addition to a larger Easter basket! Whatever you use them for, they will be fun to make and fun to use.

Here are the different kinds of bags & cups you will find in this crochet easter treat bag round up:

Reusable Easter Eggs

If you’re tired of those cheap plastic eggs that just get crushed and thrown away, these are a cute alternative! Work them up one year and then use them over and over again! You can even wash them if they get get a little sticky from little fingers!

Drawstring pouches

Tiny pouches can fit the perfect amount of candy and trinkets! Place them in a larger Easter basket as a practical and cute addition, or use them as wrapping for a cute little Easter gift!

Treat Cups

These adorable cups can hold anything from dyed hard boiled eggs, to candies or snacks! Put them in an Easter Basket or set them on the counter or table as a seasonal or party decoration! Kids and adults will both love them.


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