7 Crochet Hacks To Make Your Life Easier!

Collage of 7 crochet hacks that help solve common crochet problems!

Once you’ve been in the crochet “universe” for a while, you’ll find that there are a lot of tips and tricks out there that some of the more seasoned crocheters have come up with. These are techniques that you can technically live without and do just fine, but you can use each of these 7 crochet hacks to tackle some common crochet problems and make your life a little easier!

For example, have you ever crocheted your first row down your starting chain, only to find you made your starting chain too long? Don’t want to tear it all out and start over? There’s a hack for that!

Do the “bumps” or “gaps” on the edge of your turning projects drive you crazy? When you use one of the two most common methods for turning (either counting your starting chain as a stitch or not), you will find you get either a small gap, or a small bump. There is an alternative “hack” to get rid of both!

You’ll find both of these crochet hacks, plus 5 more in the list below. How many of these have you tried? Which one will you try next? Are there more hacks you would add to this list? Leave me a comment to let me know!

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