5 Crochet Items to Sell at Summer Craft Fairs

Summer craft fairs are generally not as successful as Fall or Winter craft fairs for crocheted or knitted items. It can be tricky to figure out what crochet items people might be interested in during the summer months. Most people think of “cozy” and “warm” when they think of these crafts. However, there are many other wonderful items that can be crocheted any time of the year and even specifically for the warmer months. Here are a few of my favorite ideas for crochet items to sell at summer craft fairs.

1. Canyonlands Boho Crochet Top from Make & Do Crew.

Lightweight and lacy shirts are perfect for hot summer weather. A light wrap is perfect for a cool summer evening outing or bbq. And who doesn’t love a cover-up or wrap for the beach? There are so many options for crochet clothing during the summer!

For more great Summer Clothing ideas, check out (and follow) my Crochet Patterns for Summer Pinterest Board:

2. Fresh Produce Market Bag from Lion Brand.

Summer is the time for farmer’s markets and craft fairs! And everyone needs a bag! Might as well make a cute one and sell it right there at your booth so they can put it to use right away!

For more great Bag & Purse ideas, check out (and follow) my Crochet Bags & Purses Pinterest Board:

3 Crochet Kitchen Scrubby from Cute As A Button Crochet

Cleaning is a year round activity! No matter whether it’s cold or hot, sunny or rainy, everyone needs a kitchen scrubby or some dish cloths! They also make perfect smaller purchases and gifts, so make sure to stock up at your booth!

For more great Cleaning ideas, check out (and follow) my Crochet Patterns for Cleaning Pinterest Board:

4. Naturally Chic Tie-Up Crochet Headband from Mama In A Stitch.

As long as it’s lightweight, a headband is still a great summer accessory! Styles can range from boho to athletic; a cute accessory or something to keep your hair out of your face in the garden. These are also a great smaller purchase for a booth.

For more great Headband ideas, check out (and follow) my Crochet Headband Pinterest Board:

5. Sea Glass Sunglasses Pouch from Cute As A Button Crochet

Sunglasses scream summer! Whip up a few of these sunglass pouches for your booth! They’re cute, fast and easy to make, and a very practical purchase for buyers!

For lots more ideas and inspiration for craft fairs in general, check out (and follow) my “Being Awesome at Craft Fairs” Pinterest Board:


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