7 Crochet Patterns That Use the Loop Stitch

The crochet loop stitch is a fantastic stitch for adding some texture or creative elements to a piece. You can use it to create a fringe effect, or to add a texture similar to fur (like for a stuffed animal), or to construct an edging or border.

If you are new to the crochet loop stitch and would like to learn, you can find a free photo and video tutorial HERE.

Please note that while all the patterns below incorporate the “loop stitch”, they do not all describe how to do the stitch in exactly the same way. There are quite a few variations out there. However, whether you learn the crochet loop stitch from the pattern, or from my tutorial or someone else’s, I think you can incorporate your own preferred way of doing it into any of these patterns.

7 Crochet Patterns That Use The Loop Stitch

If you love learning new stitches and crochet skills, here is a Pinterest board full of more tutorials to try out! Be sure to hit “follow”!

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