7 Crochet Patterns for Teacher Gifts

collage of 7 crochet patterns for teacher gifts

It’s getting to be that time of year! The school year is winding down and we’re counting down the weeks until summer vacation! We’re also starting to think about teacher’s gifts to give our children’s teachers to say thank you for all that they invested in our kids all year long!

For those of us who crochet, we really like to use our craft to create something unique and handmade for the teachers in our lives. We are always on the look out for crochet patterns for teacher gifts! Especially if we’ve been making gifts for a few years and need fresh ideas!

So here are seven great (and FREE) crochet patterns for teacher gifts! I hope they inspire and equip you to show your children’s teachers how much they are appreciated!

1. Mini Nesting Baskets from Yarn & Chai

If you’ve ever been in a classroom for more than a few minutes, there’s one thing you’ll notice… so many supplies! Pens, pencils, markers, glue, scissors, paper clips… So much for a teacher to organize! These little nesting baskets would make a very cute and practical gift!

For more great Container ideas, check out (and follow) my Pinterest Board Crochet Patterns for Containers:

2. Star Stitch Water Bottle Carrier from Cute As A Button Crochet

Teachers do a lot of moving and traveling…. from field trips to recess duty to walking kids from the class to the library to the gym. Lots of moving and lots of chances to lose track of things! What better way to keep your water bottle handy and safe (but out of the way and hands free) than to have a cute water bottle carrier hung over your shoulder!

For more great Water Bottle Carrier ideas, check out (and follow) my Pinterest Board Crochet Water Bottle Carrier Patterns:

3. Gift Card Cup Cozy & Teacher’s Gift Printable from Cute As A Button Crochet

Everyone has their favorite drink, whether it’s coffee, tea, or an iced treat! A gift card to a coffee shop will cover all your bases! And this gift card coffee cozy pattern is a quick and easy handmade option for making your gift unique! This particular cup cozy also comes with a free printable to complete the whole package!

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4. Market Tote Bag from Lulu Loves

Market bags are a great gift for anyone, whether a teacher or not! Everyone can use a few more bags! But these are especially great for a teacher who does a lot of schlepping of things from home to school and back, or to the library and on field trips!

For more great Bag & Tote ideas, check out (and follow) my Pinterest Board Crochet Bags & Purse Patterns:

5. Mini Beach Bag Gift Card Holder from Little Monkeys Crochet (now Yarn & Chai)

Another adorable and creative option for a gift card presentation! This pattern comes with a free printable that says, “School’s out, summer’s here… Thanks for all you’ve done this year!” So fun! This card holder is especially great if you’re picking up a card that is for something other than a coffee shop or something summer themed!

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6. Chapstick / Lip Balm Holder from Kristy Ashmore’s Designs (free Ravelry download)

This chapstick holder pattern is such a fast project… this would be great for those of you working with a serious time limit! Or make a few of them so that the teacher will be sure to never be without their chapstick, no matter where the day takes them! One for the class, one for the keychain, one for the purse! This is a super practical option!

For more great Teacher’s Gift ideas, check out (and follow) my Pinterest Board Crochet Patterns for Teacher’s Gifts:

7. Flowery Lanyard from Da’s Crochet Connection

Lanyards are almost part of a universal teacher uniform! Whether they keep their recess whistle on it or their keys, or both, you’re sure to see one of these on almost any teacher! This particular pattern is very feminine, which limits it to a female teacher. However, you could really personalize it by picking a different type of applique to use instead of the flowers. Below is a link to a Pinterest Board just for applique patterns. What a fun way to really show a teacher you’ve noticed what they like!

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