15 Crochet Patterns to Make With Cotton Yarn

Collage of 15 crochet patterns to make with cotton yarn

Every so often, as I’m scrolling through social media, I see this question: “I just bought some cotton yarn… what should I make with it?” I see it frequently enough that I thought I would put together a round up of some ideas for those who have this question.

The Benefits of Cotton Yarn

Two distinctive benefits of cotton yarn are that it is 1) absorbent and 2) holds up well with washing and drying. This makes cotton yarn a great choice for items that will be getting wet or that need to be washed frequently. Some examples are cleaning items, kitchen items, beach or outdoor activity items, and bags.

If you would like to read more about cotton yarn, from its characteristics to what kinds there are to how to care for it, check out my Ultimate Guide to Crocheting With Cotton. Then come back here and scroll down for 15 beautiful patterns to make with your cotton yarn!

At the end of the post you’ll find related Pinterest Boards for even more ideas!

1. Dish Cloths

c2c Dish Cloth from Cute As A Button Crochet

c2c crochet dish cloth on wood background with yellow flowers and lemons
2. Hot Pads

Extra Thick Crochet Hot Pad from Cute As A Button Crochet

4 crochet hot pads in different colors, stacked on a white wood background, with yellow flower and metal pitcher
3. Bowl Cozies

Bowl Cozy Crochet Pattern from A Stitch At A Time

purple crochet bowl cozy with white bowl
4. Rugs

Bubble Gum Accent Rug from Little Monkeys Crochet (now Yarn & Chai)

brightly colored, striped crochet run on wood floor
5. Face Scrubbies

Easy Face Scrubbies from The Stitchin Mommy

stack of blue & white round crochet face scrubbies on wood background
6. Kitchen Scrubbies

Crochet Kitchen Scrubby from Cute As A Button Crochet

Blue, green and yellow crochet kitchen scrubbies stacked on wooden pallet with scattered flowers
7. Market Bags

Farmer’s Market Bag from Hooked On Tilly
Looks like this particular pattern is not longer available online. Here is another similar market bag pattern from ChristaCo Designs.

white and blue market bag hanging on chair
8. Wash Cloths

Farm House Wash Cloth from Mama In A Stitch

grey crochet wash cloth folded on yellow wash cloth with flowers in the background
9. Soap Savers

Easy Crochet Soap Saver from Stashing Yarn
Looks like the Stashing Yarn pattern is no longer active. Here is a similar pattern from Danyel Pink Designs: Soap Saver Pattern

white, pink and cream crochet soap savers lined up on white background with green foliage
10. Placemats

Beach Glass Placemats from Left In Knots

dinner plate with painted flower on striped placemat
11. Coasters

Citrus Coaster from Dona Knits (on Ravelry)

green crochet coasters on white and grey polka dot background
12. Dish Towels

Crochet Country Dish Towel from Stitching Together

white crochet dish towel with grey stripes, draped over bowl on whitewash wood background
13. Beach Cover

Beach Cover Up from Bernat Design Studio

Beige crochet beach cover up worn on blonde woman in front of ocean
14. Plant Hanger

Never-Ending Star Plant Hanger from Krystin Crochets (on Ravelry)
*note: this pattern no longer appears to be free*

Blue & White crochet plant hanger with white pot and green plant
15. Water Bottle Holder

Star Stitch Water Bottle Holder from Cute As A Button Crochet

purple star stitch crochet bottle carrier on wood floor in front of white plant pot
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  1. Has anyone ever made any slippers with cotton? I know you can use it for cardigans and robes, and multiple other projects,,, just curious

  2. I love making dishcloths with cotton yarn and face scrubbies. I just made a market bag recently and love it! I really want to try the bowl cozies next. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Great suggestions here! Thanks for the inspo. I just bought a bunch of cotton yarn to crochet some mug cozies for teacher gifts for Christmas, but I have a lot left over, and don’t want to return it. 😀

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