12 Free Water Bottle Crochet Patterns

Collage of 12 crochet water bottle holder patterns

Water bottle carriers make wonderful crochet projects! They are relatively simple to construct and such a practical item to have on hand! One of the reasons I enjoy designing them so much is that, while the basic construction remains the same, there are so many ways to make each one unique! I hope you enjoy these 12 free water bottle crochet patterns!

What Yarn Should I use for my crochet bottle carrier?

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In general, I would suggest using a cotton yarn for your water bottle crochet patterns. For one, this is an item you are going to get outdoors with and handle it a lot, so it will need to be washed. Cotton yarn is nice and durable and performs well with frequent washing.

Secondly, cotton yarn doesn’t have quite as much stretch as an acrylic yarn. Especially if you go for one of the more cost effective, less soft and “drap-ey,” cotton yarns. This is one of those projects where you don’t need to spend extra money for the softer brand! You want your bottle holder, and especially the strap, to hold its shape. Yay!

If you’re looking for suggestions, here is my main go to for water bottle carriers: Lily Sugar N Cream. Very similar yarns are Peaches & Creme (often found at Walmart) and Bernat Handicrafter. Lion Brand Re-Up also has a similar texture, it just feels slightly thinner and comes in smaller skeins.

If you’re looking for a few more practical projects that you cotton yarn, take a look at these 15 Crochet Patterns to Make With Cotton Yarn.

Free Water Bottle Crochet Patterns

And now, on to what you’re here for, those 12 free water bottle crochet patterns! I hope you find one (or more) that you really like!

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  1. Hi, these are pretty patterns. I’m wondering what your thoughts are of using macrame rope instead? Cotton yarns tend to be pricy in our country. Whereas cotton macrame are quite affordable.

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