5 Crochet Ideas to Sell at Summer Craft Fairs

Crochet Items to Sell At Summer Craft Fairs

Summer craft fairs are generally not as successful as Fall or Winter craft fairs for crocheted or knitted items. It can be tricky to figure out what crochet items people might be interested in during the summer months. Most people think of “cozy” and “warm” when they think of these crafts. However, there are many other wonderful items that can be crocheted any time of the year and even specifically for the warmer months. Here are a few of my favorite crochet ideas to sell at summer craft fairs.

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1. Crochet Water Balloons from Left in Knots

I love this idea from Left in Knots! Water balloons without the filling and tying and picking up afterwards! Genius! And from what I see on many facebook crochet group boards, these are very popular sellers!

For more great toy ideas, check out (and follow) my Crochet Toy Patterns Pinterest Board:

2. Easy, Breezy Swim Cover from Megmade With Love

A lacey crochet stitch is just perfect for something that needs to be lightweight and breezy for summer! And this pattern from Megmade With Love is super cute!

For more great summer ideas, check out (and follow) my Crochet Patterns for Summer Pinterest Board:

3. Star Stitch Bottle Holder from Cute As A Button Crochet

Summer is for vacation, hikes, farmer’s markets and days at the beach. And who wants to be holding onto their water bottle on all these outings? These carriers are so practical, as well as cute! They can come in so many styles and make great gifts too!

For more great bottle carrier ideas, check out (and follow) my Crochet Cozy & Wraps Pinterest Board:

4. Cotton Face Scrubbies from Five Little Monsters

There is never a wrong time for a little beauty treatment. Spa items are great at any time of the year. They are quick to whip up and make a pretty set when paired together. You can get really creative with packaging and they make a wonderful gift!

For more great spa ideas, check out (and follow) my Crochet Dishcloths & Washcloths Pinterest Board:

5. Freeze Pop Cozies from The Unraveled Mitten

This is another really fun idea that anyone with kids or grand-kids can find appealing! Freeze pops are a kid favorite over the summer and these little cozies are perfect for protecting little fingers. This is such a better idea than the napkins I usually use!

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