Best Selling Crochet Items For Craft Shows

It’s the first thing I googled when I started selling at craft fairs and a question I see all over crochet group boards: “What are the best selling crochet items for craft shows?”

Each craft fair is a little different, depending on the venue, the location and the season. The most sure-fire way to get the most out of a craft fair is to experience it yourself and see what is there and get to know your customers. Each time you do one, you will get better at it. There’s no substitute for trial and error. However, by researching and getting as much advice as you can up front, you can put your best foot forward.

From my own personal experience and from conversations with other sellers, there are certain items that stand out as items that sell pretty consistently. I will line those out for you here.

First of all, in this article, I am mostly speaking to sellers who are going to craft shows and markets in the Fall and Winter months, since those are the best seasons for selling crocheted items. However, if you are looking specifically for Spring or Summer ideas, you can find those here:

5 Crochet Items to Sell At Summer Craft Fairs

5 More Crochet Items to Sell At Summer Craft Fairs

Hats & Scarves

Sometimes the most simple and obvious answer is the best. Hats and scarves are always a popular cold weather option. They are great for gifts as well as personal purchases. They’re practical and fashionable! People love them!

Matching sets

When I was doing holiday craft shows I especially found a lot of people looking for matching hat and scarf sets. They were looking for a “well-rounded” gift for a friend or loved one. Even if I didn’t have a matching set, some people would sort through my hats and scarves to find something that would go well together.

If you’d like to get some matching sets in your inventory you can just use the same yarn for a scarf and hat, or you can go one step further and make a few sets that are made specifically to match with the same stitch pattern. Here are two round ups of free pattern sets to get you going (you can find the set in the photo above in the second link):

5 Beautiful Crochet Hat & Scarf Pattern Sets

5 Fabulous Crochet Hat & Scarf Pattern Sets

Character or Animal hats

I have never made character or animal hats before, but I have seen people do really well with these. I’ve even seen vendors with ONLY these in their booth. I think the draw is that these items are unique and can’t be found just anywhere. They make a fun and one-of-a-kind gift.

For more Hat and Scarf pattern ideas, here are two Pinterest Boards to check out and follow:


Whenever I hear of “best sellers” being discussed in crochet circles, amigurumi always comes up. If you really enjoy doing amigurumi, you could just specialize in these and do well. People love stuffed animals and cute creatures!

These do so well because they are cute and unique and hit people in their specific interests… whether it be a donkey, or a pokemon, or a taco!

I have heard crochet octopus mentioned more than once as a really good seller. Here is a really cute (free) pattern from One Dog Woof (pictured above): Crochet Jellyfish .

For more amigurumi patterns and ideas, check out and follow this Pinterest Board:

Washcloths, Dishcloths & Scrubbies

Cotton items for any kind of cleaning or scrubbing are great items to have on hand. Spa sets for the bathroom, dish cloths for the kitchen, or scrubbies for pots and pans. Whatever form or function, these are practical items that everyone needs. They are usually smaller and therefore a very affordable item, and people love that they can wash them and use them again.

Here is the classic pattern for a scrubby made of netting that many people are familiar with and go looking for: Nylon Net Scrubby. (free Ravelry download)

Here is my own pattern for a kitchen scrubby that looks like your classic kitchen sponge: Crochet Kitchen Scrubby.

For more dishcloth and scrubby patterns and ideas, check out and follow this Pinterest Board:

Towel Toppers

Towel Toppers are another classic item that lots of people look for in a crochet booth. They are practical and easy to make since you are just adding a “top” to an already existing towel. Here is a free pattern option: Kitchen Towel Topper from Naztazia.

Cup Cozies

It’s always a good idea to have some small items in your booth. These are for people looking for a smaller gift for a co-worker or a gift exchange or a stocking stuffer. Cup Cozies are perfect for this! Here are two great options, one that is fun to dress up with buttons and one that can hold a gift card:

Gift Card Cup Cozy

Peek-A-Boo Cup Cozy

For more “cozy” patterns, check out and follow this Pinterest Board:


Similar to hats and beanies, headbands do really well at craft fairs. Chunky ones are cute for the winter and lightweight ones are even good sellers in Spring and Summer. I’m seeing these twisted style headbands around right now: Twist Ear Warmer from Crochet Dreamz.

For more Headband patterns and ideas, check out and follow this Pinterest Board:

Market Bags

With the move away from plastic bags, re-usable bags are extra practical. And when they’re crocheted they are that much cuter! Whether it’s a french produce bag or a sturdy market bag, these items are popular. Here is a cute and simple pattern that would be perfect to make on repeat: Market Tote from Daisy Cottage Designs.

For more bag and tote patterns, check out and follow this Pinterest Board:

Best of luck as you prepare for your selling experience! If you are an experienced seller, feel free to drop some advice, or your own best sellers, in the comments below!

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Lastly, here is my ultimate Pinterest Board for Being Awesome at Craft Fairs!

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