16 Crochet Cardigan Patterns

collage of crochet cardigan patterns

These 16 Crochet Cardigan Patterns are functional, cute AND cozy! The perfect Fall wardrobe item, in my opinion!

My favorite thing about a cardigan for Fall is that it has an open front, so it is easy to take on and off. The weather in the Fall can take a lot of ups and downs, even in just one day. I joke that this is the time of year that my kids lose all their jackets because they need them in the chilly morning, but by the afternoon it’s too hot and they’ve thrown them off somewhere to the side, never to be seen again!

In our grown up world we hopefully don’t toss our sweaters off and lose them, but it is certainly convenient to be able to quickly take them off and on as needed.

Cardigan Patterns Only!

Besides being practical, it doesn’t hurt that cardigans are cute and stylish as well. For this particular round up, I am only including cardigan patterns (as opposed to pullover sweaters, cocoons or ponchos). In my opinion, a closed design is a completely different outfit vibe than something that is open and layered.

The best part about a cardigan style is the layers. You can match your cardigan with an undershirt of a similar color scheme or design and then top it all off with a complimentary scarf as well. It’s the ultimate Fall cozy vibe!

That being said, if you’re more in favor of a pull over sweater style, you can find a round up for 16 Crochet Pullover Sweater Patterns here!

16 Crochet Cardigan Patterns

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