16 Crochet Coaster Patterns

Photo collage of different style crochet coaster patterns

Not only are these crochet coaster patterns super practical for protecting your furniture, they are also the perfect addition to your decor. No matter your style, whether traditional, modern, farmhouse, etc. you’re sure to find a crochet coaster pattern to match!

Coasters make a great scrap buster project!

If you are an avid crocheter, then you know all about scraps! It is rare to finish a project without at least a little yarn leftover. Sometimes it’s just a few yards and sometimes it’s a partial skein. But usually it’s not enough to finish a substantial project.

That’s why we love a good scrap buster project! A scrap buster project is a project that uses very little yarn, or has enough quickly changing colors that you can easily use up bits and pieces of yarn and don’t need a full skein.

Since crochet coaster patterns are so small and are often made with different colors, they make the perfect scrap buster idea!

If you can, use cotton for your coasters!

You can use any yarn you have on hand for a coaster, but if you do have the option, I would highly recommend using a cotton or cotton blend yarn. The reason for this is that one of the special qualities of cotton is that it is absorbent.

Since the function of a coaster is to protect your furniture from getting marked by the moisture from your glass, you want your coaster to catch that moisture, rather than repel it and let it run off.

Cotton is also one of the more durable yarns that can withstand repeated washings. This will allow you to throw your coasters in the wash if there is a spill or any excessive dripping.

Want to know more about cotton yarn?

The Ultimate Guide To Crocheting With Cotton!

Cotton yarn has very unique and beneficial characteristics. If you would like to learn more about cotton yarn and what to make with it, check out my Ultimate Guide To Crocheting With Cotton!

16 Crochet Coaster Patterns

Have fun picking which coaster you want to make first. These make great gifts as well, so be sure to keep friends in mind as you peruse the list also!

So many wonderful items to crochet for your home!

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