8 Crochet Patterns for Summer Tops

Summer can be a welcome change for crochet enthusiasts! We take a break from warm and cozy projects and try our hand at creating things that are light and airy. Like crochet patterns for summer tops! (just scroll past my babbling to get straight to the patterns!)

We put aside the bulky, chunky yarns in favor of thinner threads. Cotton is a favorite summer yarn to pull out for lighter pieces. Instead of “snuggly”, we think breezy! We get to play with new stitches that create holes and space. Filet crochet, lacy stitches and even traditional granny square styles that have lots of gaps are suddenly what we look for.

And don’t forget about color! All the bright, light and summery colors! We want our mood to match the sky, the flowers and VACATION! So much fun to be had crocheting during the summer months!

If you’re in the mood to try your hand at these kinds of summer weather styles, here are 8 beautiful (and free) crochet patterns for summer tops!

8 Crochet Patterns for Summer Tops

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For even more summer crochet ideas, follow my Pinterest Board “Crochet Patterns For Summer“:
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