11 Crochet Placemat Patterns

photo collage of 11 crochet placemat patterns

If you’re looking for something to crochet as a diy home decor project, these crochet placemat patterns are a great option! These are super functional items, but they also add a ton of personality to your dinner table!

This collection of crochet placemat patterns will give you lots of style and shape ideas! Whether you’re looking for traditional or modern, filet or solid, circle or rectangle… there are many options to pick from!

What is the best yarn for a crochet placemat pattern?

Though you can certainly use any fiber choice you like for a crochet placemat pattern, I would highly advise using a cotton or cotton blend yarn. Even though your placemat is decorative, it is also going to get some heavy use!

A placemat is going to be the victim of all the drips and drops of sauce dishes and the catcher of crumbs! You are going to need to wash your placemats regularly and that is why cotton is the best choice. Cotton is known for being durable, absorbent and it holds up well with repeated washing and drying.

Want to know more about cotton yarn?

The Ultimate Guide To Crocheting With Cotton!

Cotton yarn has very unique and beneficial characteristics. If you would like to learn more about cotton yarn and what to make with it, check out my Ultimate Guide To Crocheting With Cotton!

11 Crochet Placemat Patterns

Ready for the patterns? Scroll down to explore these beautiful placemat designs! At the end, check out some other round ups for the kitchen you might enjoy!

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