The Best Projects to Make With Cotton Yarn

Did you buy or receive some cotton yarn and now you’re just not sure what to do with it? Here are all the best projects to make with cotton yarn and why!

Characteristics of Cotton Yarn

Before we get started, it’s helpful to know the characteristics of cotton yarn so you understand why these projects work so well with it! Cotton yarn is known for being:

  • Absorbent
  • Heat resistant
  • Durable
  • Washes well
  • Cooling
  • Breathable
  • Less stretchy

What Kind of Projects You Should Crochet With Cotton Yarn:

1. Dish Cloths & Scrubbies – Dish cloths and scrubbies are the best made with cotton yarn since they take so much abuse. The fact that cotton yarn is durable and washes well makes it the winner. It is also absorbent for wiping down counter tops and cleaning up messes.

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2. Towels or Towel Toppers – Cotton is going to be your best option for towels or towel toppers because of it’s absorbency. None of the other yarn fibers will compare.

3. Hot Pads or Pot Holders – Cotton is great for hot pads and pot holders because it can handle a good amount of heat and also repeated washings (my hot pads get so messy!).

Here are 11 wonderful Hot Pad Patterns to try out!

4. Cozies – This includes mug cozies, tea cozies and bowl cozies. Cotton is best for cozies because it is heat resistant (so it can handles a short amount of time in the microwave) and it is absorbent (for spills). It also holds up well to washing, which cozies will need quite often.

5. Bathroom (Spa) Items – Similar to dish cloths or scrubbies in the kitchen, the bathroom washcloth, scrubby, soap saver or loofah are all best done with cotton. Cotton will be absorbent and put up with some wear and tear. Since bathroom items will likely come into contact with sensitive skin, it’s best to go with the higher quality, softer cotton yarns (see this article on the different types of yarn.)

6. Bags – Cotton is a great choice for bags (especially market bags). Since cotton has a little less “stretch” than a lot of other fibers, it is a great option for bags. It is also durable for so much everyday use and takes well to washing.

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7. Toys/ Amigurumi – The fact that cotton holds up well with washing makes it a great choice for toys.

8. Coasters – Since a coaster’s main function is to absorb liquid, this makes the absorbency of cotton a major plus.

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9. Summer Clothing – The breathability and cooling quality of cotton makes it a great pick for summer clothing! Lightweight tops or beach cover ups are great picks.

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10. Containers & Baskets – The durability of cotton makes it a great pick for containers & baskets. Especially if it is a basket that holds a plant or gets lots of use, as cotton washes well. If you use a cheaper quality cotton, it is also nice and stiff, which helps the baskets hold their shape.

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11. Water Bottle Holders – Similar to bags or cozies, water bottle holders are great to make with cotton. The cotton will absorb liquid, hold up to washings, and won’t stretch out too badly.

Here are 12 Free Water Bottle Holder Patterns to get you started!

12. Rugs – Rugs are a great option for cotton yarn (especially a bathroom rug), since it will absorb well, is durable, and holds up well to repeat washings.

These 11 Crochet Rug Patterns are all beautiful options!

13. Placemats – Placemats are for catching all the messes, so you definitely want them to be able to stand up to repeated washings. Cotton is a great, durable option for that!

14. Sandals or Shoes – Cotton will be cooling for shoes and hold up well with repeated washings! It will also stretch out a little less than other fibers (and even if it stretches, it should shrink back up a bit after washing).

15. Summer Hats – The cooling and breathability of cotton makes it a great pick for summer hats. It also holds it’s shape well and stretches less than other fibers.

Check out these 11 Bucket Hat Patterns! A perfect summer option for using up some cotton yarn!

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