11 Free Crochet Scrubby Patterns

collage of 11 crochet scrubby patterns

In the past few years, free scrubby patterns have become very popular! There are a few reasons for this.


For one, we have become much more conscious of ways that we can cut down on waste. Instead of going through the cycle of buying and throwing away store bought sponges over and over again, why not make our own that we can throw in the wash and re-use? Brilliant!

Budget Friendly

Besides being earth friendly, making your own scrubbies is also budget friendly! Cotton yarn is known for being durable (which is why we recommend you choose it for scrubbies), so a handmade scrubby can last you a good long time!

Yarn Availability

And lastly, yarn companies seem to have picked up on the growing popularity of these handy little items, so they have responded by creating oh so many yarn options for us to choose from and play with! From Red Heart Scrubby to yarn Bee Scrubology to all the many varieties of 100% cotton yarn… it’s a veritable cotton yarn playground out there!

11 Free Scrubby Patterns

So, here are just a few of my favorite free scrubby patterns out there right now for you to try. They are so quick and easy you can try out several (or all of them) until you find a few favorites!

And once you start using them, if you have questions about how to keep them fresh, check out this article on caring for your cotton yarn projects!

Want to know more about crocheting with cotton? Check out my Ultimate Guide to Crocheting With Cotton!

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