15 Fall Crochet Patterns

Collage of 15 beautiful crochet patterns for Fall! Includes some pumpkins, some wearables and some cozy blankets, all in fall colors of orange, mustard, red and even some blues and greens.

As soon as August hits, I start to get a little bit of a yearning for Fall! Even though we’re still hanging out in the 100 degree heat range in our Northern California valley and swimming is still the preferred activity most days, just the slightest cool breeze or a wiff of pumpkin spice can spark that autumn twinkle in my eye.

Hello Fall!

I love the changing of seasons and the fresh start Fall brings. The hope and excitement of something new, but also comfortingly familiar.

For me, those Fall “fresh starts” are the swapping out of beach towels and sunscreen for cozy blankets and autumn scented candles. It’s the summer blooms and watermelons taking a back seat to the colorful mums and bumpy gourds.

The Transition to Fall in Crochet

Around this same time, the switching of seasons begins to take place in my crochet world as well. I start to think less about kitchen cotton and lightweight yarn and start to yearn for the chunky soft fibers and abundant scarves of Autumn and Winter! I’ve missed the sweaters and beanies and fuzzy soft things and it’s so fun to start creating them again!

In this round up I’ve gathered a little bit of the best of Fall to just get your juices flowing. Of course, there are pumpkins! Whether it’s actual pumpkins, or a pumpkin themed pillow, or just something in pumpkin orange, there’s a healthy dose of it here in this round up!

You’ll also find home decor items. If you like to decorate for the seasons, Fall themed pillows, blankets, baskets and garlands are all easy and fun swap outs.

And of course the clothes! There are endless options for scarves, sweaters and ponchos out there, but I tried to pick a cute sampling of a few of my favorites!

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15 Fall Crochet Patterns

So, if you’re like me, you’re still going to enjoy plenty more days of swimming and iced tea before summer is officially over, but it’s a perfect time to let your crochet hooks start dreaming of Fall. You’ll be ready when that chill finally hits the air! I hope you enjoy these 15 Crochet Patterns for Fall!

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  1. I really enjoy your free patterns. They are easy to understand and follow directions.
    I was wondering if you could share free booties and baby patterns

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